Mid Week Missouri River Fishing Report 8.31.22

Mid Week Missouri River Fishing Report 8.31.22

It’s hot and it’s gonna stay hot.

Somewhat cooler nights as it tipped into the hi 40’s a couple evenings ago in downtown Craig Montana. And that has cooled off the water temps considerably heading into the Autumn month of September.

Water temps on said cold eve were 63F. Press time 65F.

But the water temps will certainly rise during the ten day weather outlook. Scorcher man. His eclipsing the century mark this holiday weekend. Yup. Will it upset the angling crowd? Nope. Will not be an angling crowd this weekend. Family weekend. Not many anglers. A few, yes.

The next ten moons will bring highs in the 90’s, lows in the hi 50’s. The weather breaks beyond that with daytime/nightime 70’s/40’s.

Hoppers yes. Mornings better. Afternoons sweltering.

Weeds yes. On any given day in any given stretch. The other moments are weed free, miraculously. Enjoy those moments.

Nymphers typical approach for autumn include variations of Zirdle rig with any type of dropper. Or double Crayfish.

Short if you like, super short if you dare, with tiny flies over sub-surface weed forests. Drift ’em. Trust it. Believe. Frenchie’s, Zebra’s, tiny Perdigon’s and derivations thereof. Larger Callebaetis PT patterns will get your motor runn-in.’ If you are mature enough to give it a whirl. Stop in to the shop for the up to the minute report and trigging styles. Open daily 630-ish.

Strippers are secretly whacking ’em. small, precise, and fast. Do that and let us know what you think. Dodge them there weeds. Enjoy the challenge, and be rewarded with butter.

Guide trips available for the next 3 months. September is historically a very good nymphing month, Little if any great dry fly angling. Some afternoon terrestrial stuff, but posted up headhunting is light to non-existent. October begins our Swing Season in earnest and the two handed show has arrived. Strippers like it too. Short Leash nymphing galore and some good to great dry fly baetis afternoons sometime during the month. November? Oh, if you dog solace, and good times, and good fishing, you will enjoy November. The later the better.

And that is it. A big weekend coming up. Will be the last hurrah for floatie funtimes.

See you on the river, and in the A/C beyond that, Margarita in hand…





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