Mike says…I’d get out there this week

Mike says…I’d get out there this week

Speaking with Mike of Headhunters, on the phone, this morning at Trout Spey HQ standing in my bathrobe drinking Baileys along with a splash of coffee and he said…I’d get out there this week.

Weather is conducive for fishing the Mo. Hi’s in the mid 50’s thru next Monday. There will be some clouds covering that sun-fire thing too, allowing fish to come to the surface with ease.

Right now 51F as I write this, selling you a reminder that winter can be a real bitch. Shoot, we have had 7 or 8 snows already. Enough to where I have lost count and am a bit upset about it. Not a good fall for fishing weather. Unless you have appropriate gear. And are a touch crazy. 

More snow middle of next week. Safe for the time being.

River temps fell this last week with eh snow and cool air temps. Currently 41.5F with flows at 4769cfs. Great wading all over. Weeds in your running line can be eliminated with a non-mono type running line.

Trout Spey Guides available daily. Read John’s November Trout Spey Report and catch yourself up on the goodness.

For those who do not dig swinging there are other things happening out there. Like the midge Mike was speaking about. Quigley’s Cluster is the key said Mike. And he knows. He lives a stones throw from the Mo, and gets out for snippets of time in select premier fishing spots, and gets ’em.

So we were speaking about the midge that precedes the BWO hatch here in the late fall or early winter this morning. That is when I began to think of fishing. I had good success fishing the midge hatch a week ago. Not too many BWO’s coming off, but seemed like enough. The fish were rising well.But upon further inspection the fish were rising to the midge on the water. Yes indeed. But there would eat a BWO Cripple or dun readily. They were feeding. And not selective. Nice.

So decent enough BWO and midge fishing happening. If the sun stays aloft, the bugs spend less time on the surface. And fish don’t like high and bright light in fall periods. They like fall weather. Moisture, no breeze, cool temps. Or the bugs do. The fish don’t care. Enough food subsurface to choke a whale shark, but without eyelids our trout stay focussed on sow bugs. Truth.

The upper river sees to be the place to be. It commonly fishes more consistently in the winter months. Keep that in mind before you dump the boat in for a lower river death march.

Shuttles everyday but Christmas here in downtown Craig Montana. Come by ad check out the spey selection of tips, leaders, lines, rods, reels.

We have dry flies too at Headhunters of Craig.


Better go fishing. And I am. Mike told me too.


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