Mini Fishing Report Skwala

Mini Fishing Report, Spring Hours, Skwala Fishing Outerwear, Current Local Events

Mini Fishing Report, Spring Hours, Current Local Events

Fishing is very good for the spring session. The spring session that started yesterday. It’s good. Daily air temps will be warm this week and no wind, not high winds, forecast for the next 10 days. Wow!

Midge are still the talk around town as the anglers smiling after having opportunities to cast at springtime rising trout. Singles, clusters, and the like catching them. Droppers as well like midge pupa, softies, glass beads, etc.

Nymphers wrecking ’em on Pill Poppers, Rainbow Czechs, Arnold’s Sili Scuds, Tailwater Sows, Firebeads galore, some reports of BWO nymphs beginning to become a consideration. Keep them in mind. Come see our Euro Nymph selection. Get deep quickly. Real, reel, deep. Real, reel, fast. Oros bobbers in stock too. Ask about them. Slow, and medium slow, and some water that is skinnier than you think should be appropriate for the spring session has been holding them.

Watch Out! Redds, rainbow trout spawning beds, are out there. Calf to waist deep medium speed waters with lots of gravel showing. That is a spacing bed. And a few big ones swarming around said gravel? Yep, Redds. Respect the next generation of trout. Stay away, respect spewing creatures. You would not like an angler creeping around your bedroom…do yah?

The Trout Spey contingent is doing well. Swinging in medium speed waters waist deep. Some slower deeper holes as well. Find ’em out there. It is so fun at these flows. Explore subsurface structure with the perfect Skagit Tip. Come into the only dedicated Trout Spey category/selection on the Mighty Mo. Call today if you have an inquiry regarding two handed trout rods, reels, stacks and stacks of trout spey fly lines, tips, accessories, packs, trout spey rod sleeves, and lots of demo gear to try too!

Remember that Headhunters of Craig is your Trout Spey Guide HQ too! Mike McCune, Whitney Gould, John Arnold, and more to help you achieve your swinging goals!

The Strippers out there are secretly getting them. They are not saying much. That means something good. Black, olive coming on strong , and brown are keeping the nets wet. Cream, natural, and smaller patterns are leaving the store in numbers. How about a new streamer line this spring. Make you smile man.

Mini Fishing Report, Spring Hours, Current Local Events

Mini Fishing Report, Spring Hours, Current Local Events

  • Flows 2900cfs. Water Temps rising a degree according to the charts. Wow. Moving upwards will help the bite.
  • Headhunters Fly Shop Current Spring Hours 8am-6pm Daily.
  • Skwala Fishing soft goods in stock. Come by today and see the newest fly fishing line that is sure to impress!
  • Helena F3T Tuesday nite March 22nd.
  • Helena Montana Fly Fishing Film Festival Friday nite March 25th.
  • Izaak’s Opening Nite Thursday March 24th.
  • Midge hatching daily.
  • Warm this week.
  • Mo River Eats, Kelli Wilson Open for river lunches. Deliver to the shop daily. Check her out
  • Welcome Spring 2022.





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