The minutiae of fly fishing

The minutiae of fly fishing

The minutiae of fly fishing

The last thing I thought of while sorting tiny sz. 22 beats duns was the minutiae of fly fishing.

Trying to fool a silly trout with a size 22 beats dun on the end of the smallest of diameter tippet on the end of a 9 foot graphite stick with you, your arm attached to it…a funny game.

Attempting to fool that trout into biting the fly. He is moving, you are moving, the earth is moving. Wild really.

Then I thought to myself if it is actually the trout who is silly.


Snowing here in Montana. Not today. Another 3+” here in Cascade over the weekend. Friday, and Sunday. This week some warmer temps into the 30’s. Winter will not let go quite this early in March. We got more ahead of us, I’m quite certain.

Good to great reports from the week and weekend behind us. Nymphers getting them in slower and not quite as slow, meaning not stopped. Swingers getting them stripping. Leeches, olive, and black. Some white and yellow too. Midges are active and you can get a couple on a cluster. Midges making a good push in March!

Happy Monday.

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  • dan from ohio
    March 5, 2018 1:03 pm

    A nice photo, thanks, it made me smile… Add that on to my list: Boats, muscle cars, beautiful women- and flies ( dries in particular…) .

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