Missouri River April Tuesday Fishing Report

Missouri River April Tuesday Fishing Report

Warmer weather today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

We dig it.

Nymphing not too bad. I found it a bit difficult yesterday. And the fish are moving around a bit with the unsettled water. Today up to 7290cfs and 38F. Cold water for the season. Higher water than normal. It can be weird out there.

But some like it weird.

We found fish in a bit quicker water than I had anticipated. Encouraging. Water temps actually near 39F. So that was weird too.

Fish were eating the BWO nymph. Fished the Radiation Baetis with success. Czech nymph worked too. Fishing anywhere from 5′ to 7′ split to bobber.

I hear rumors of better dry fly fishing the past couple days. I did not see many on the upper river on Monday. Meaning none. Everything starts well below Craig, then moves upriver. Important. knowledge to remember as hatches begin including the maturation of said hatch.

This year be a smarter angler.

Won’t hurt-cha.

Stuffing more flies in bins daily keeps Ninch busy.

Sara stocking the soft-goods and logo wear.

Tons of Trout Spey stuff for demo and sale. We are Montana’s Trout Spey destination. All the rods, lines, tips, leaders, reels, and accessories. Shop all Headhunters Spey today.

Craig is heating up. Nearly mid April. Next week we will firing on all cylinders. Full guide staff, all but a couple shop staffers and shuttle drivers, nearly all of the rental properties opened up, Izaak’s open, Joe’s…is Joe’s. What more do you need. I see the Taco Shack stirring too. Not open yet.

Call today for anything you need. Questions. Booking a Sprig Special Trip for $400, a buck fifty off retail. Discounted lodging too. Stay in Craig and fish the Mo this Spring!

See you folks soon on the Mighty Mo!



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