Missouri River Sunday Fishing Report

Missouri River August Fly Fishing Forecast

Missouri River August Fly Fishing Forecast

Missouri River August Weather

Hot. Super hot. Abnormally hot this past week. Will it continue? The forecasters state that the temps will fall into the 80’s ad 90’s for the next 10 days. The daily historic average air temps hover around 95F. Lows come in the hi 60’s  Average rainfall for the month is 1.57inches. Third behind May and June. June being the wettest. So afternoon thunderstorms will keep you guessing with rain totals enough to remind you to keep the raingear nearby in August.

Be ready for anything. Cooler mornings have you donning your puffball shedding it mid morning for a HH logo’d sun shirt. Headhunters is your local sun gear store. More selection, styles, and better pricing than the rest! Stop in for a full selection of gloves, Buff’s,  sun shirts, SUNBUM sunscreen and more!

Missouri River Flows and Water Temps

Flows are hovering around 4400cfs. And hopefully will stay at this level for he remainder of the summer. That is the projected summer Missouri River Flows. Water temps today at 68F. They will fall gently throughout the month. Not too much lower at the completion of August, but we should not see them rise above where they currently are. Let’s hope. Rumors of course about closures, Hoot Owl stuff, but no word from our local officials about this yet.

Weeds? Yes. Always have weeds here on the Mo in the late summer and early fall. This year is no different. They are developing rapidly now and will continue to grow toward the surface. Let’s hope we do not have too much of that river goo this season. Call us for the updates you need.

Last year the weeds on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being god-awful…they registered a 5. This summer? At let a 5 right now. Increasing too. As you head downstream they gather in big floating islands. Mother Nature is typically very difficult to predict.

Missouri River August Hatches

Trico’s continue through the month well into September. Strong hatches in late July as the bugs seemed to gain speed and intensity. Great Trico Missouri River spinner falls daily @ 845am. Fish them until noon or 1pm.

PMD’s still a factor. Could go for anther couple weeks. If wee are lucky.

Caddis flies can get you through the afternoons. Toss one blind and see what happens. Get on the caddis train and catch those night fish! Downwinged patterns as well as spent caddis need to be in your possession. How about one of our favorites the Translucent Pupa and the Translucent Emerger. Come find your caddis fly love on the Mo in August. They will be around through the end of the year. Do not go out there with out the caddis fly in your front pocket.

10 Wednesday Thoughts from Squeeky's Vapid Head

Terrestrials. August is the month for ants and hoppers. Fish the am Trico, the Buzzball!  Then switch to the ant for a blind fishing afternoon all the way home. Or your favorite hopper pattern. Try one you can see!

August Nymphing Forecast

Pretty good. The big fly will spend some time on the upper end of your nymph rig. Weight flies, brown mayfly nymphs, Crayfish and worms and ZIrdles and junk like that. Big flies up top and small flies on the bottom.

You can go deep in the morning or short too. Or you can rig it up without split and 2′ from bobber to fly right out of the gate. Choose the depth you want to fish and get after it.

Be creative. You can also rig a dry-dropper outfit. A big fluffy floater, an Adams, or a caddis fly up top, or an ant and attach one of the killer tungsten beaded patterns like the Two-Bit Hooker or similar and have a ball fishing the Missouri River this August.

Headhunters Fly Shop Guide Trips

Guide available for the 3 months ahead including August.

You want to hunt heads in the morning? Cool. How about a half day. You want to continue on after the dry fly bite has waned? Toss hoppers and ants? Then book the full day. You want to toss the Craiyfish and see what lurks in the depths of the Mighty MO! We do too!

Call the for fall today on the Guide Hotline @ 406-235-3447 for any question about guid trips, rental boats, or general fishing questions. We love to talk about trout!

Fly Shop Hours, Izaak’s, River Hub, Joe’s Bar

Open daily early 6-isham. Open late til 8pm. We may curtail the late shop hours as we move through this month.

Izaak’s open Wednesday thru Sunday 3-9pm. Get in early for bite and fish til dark. Izaak’s closes at 9pm. Plan accordingly.

The River Hub Cafe is closed.

Montana Red’s Burger Truck open daily 2pm onwards except Wednesday.

Shotgun Annies nightly in WC.

Coffee Cart in WC open mornings with smoothies, coffee, breakfast burritos, etc.

Missouri River Inn open daily noon at Prewitt Creek.

Joe’s Bar open daily sort of. Don’t know the daily hours. But about noonish. Not open early and not open late. The place where fishing guides and locals fight. And then dance. And then trade shots. And then forget.

CraigTroutCamp.com and CraigLodging.com are your lodging connections!

Want to stay here in Craig or the nearby vicinity? Check out www.CraigTroutCamp.com for the best in Craig cabins. Starting at $195/nt why not stay in downtown Craig Montana. Close to Izaak’s, Joe’s Bar, and fly shop row.

www.CraigLodging.com is where you will find the balance of the rental properties on the Missouri River. Rooms starting at $110/nt up to larger houses for $1000/nt

Fishing August on Montana’s Missouri River

Questions? More? We have more answers. 406-235-3447 for any additional questions about local lodging, guides, rental boats, shuttles, fly patterns, the right rain gear to buy in Craig, or you just want to plan your fall 2022 fly fishing trip, give us a shout.


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