Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 6.22.15

Missouri River August Tips

A few tips to get you through this coming week. It’s gonna be hot and the fish don’t really care for the high and bright sun.

Missouri River August Tips

  1. Get out early. We’ll see you at the shop before 7am. We open at 6am and many guides on the water before the 7am bell. Fish until you get too hot and that should be enough for the trout too.
  2. Long leaders on both the hopper rig and the techy dry fly rig. Start with a 12′ something or other and tippet it out another few feet. Too long you say? The trout make the ultimate decision.
  3. Manage expectations. While late last summer we had unbelievable Trico emergences…this summer we do not. So a few fish to hand is really quite good. Enjoy the river for all it has to offer.
  4. Pack a full cooler. Have a nice lunch on the banks of the Mo and walk around either picking up the seldom seen trash or skip rocks. Lots to do here beyond fishing.
  5. Enjoy your family. The bottom line. Enjoy the entire experience.

Shop open early at 6am for all your river needs. Sunscreen, flies, ice, shuttles, HH Logo Gear, new fly lines, and much more…


Missouri River August Tips
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