Missouri River Dry Fly Myths

Missouri River Dry Fly Myths

Missouri River Dry Fly Myths

A few Missouri River Dry Fly Myths for your pleasure today on the Headhunters Fly Shop Blog.

The Mo is fishing well with the trout getting smarter daily.

  • The Buzzball works every drift. No, untrue. Contrary to my belief the trout do eat other bugs.
  • Cripples are enjoyed by all trout. Not all of them. But certainly most.
  • Dry fly fishing is easy fly fishing the Missouri River in central Montana. A myth for sure. Not impossible though. If you are here and not tossing the dry fly, there are quite a few nymphers out there right now…you should give it a go. A special time on the Missouri River.
  • All dry flies float. Some of the best have a hard time floating. Some lie deep in the film. Deep is good. Resting in the    water is good. Floating too high? Bad.
  • It’s not illegal to swing a soft hackle through a dry fly run.
  • All dry fly anglers are snooty. Myth. But some are.
  • Headhunting is boring. Untrue. Hunting, casting, fly speculation discussion, and fellowship makes the day just float by.
  • You gotta have the right fly. Myth. You gotta have a good fly with a great drift. Good drift beats great fly every time. Unless you are a fly guy. Then rock on.
  • A bigger hatch means better fishing. No not always. Sometimes an anemic hatch can help you out. If the fish have fewer floating insect options they may find your offering more attractive. Make them want to come and get it!
  • Dry fly fellers should get out early. Oh, true sometimes. Some flies get up before noon.

Just a few tips for catching a few trout on the Missouri River. The fish are getting educated. Better casting and drifting skills will intrigue more than a few. Some days the fish will eat it and others not so much.

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