Missouri River Early June Projection

Missouri River Early June Projection

Missouri River Early June Projection

Headhunters Fly Shop, your Missouri River information pipeline, brings you the projections for June. Some guesses and coin tosses as well.

Mother Nature drives the bus, so we can only speculate what will really happen, but below you can assure yourself that some of these events will, have, and might happen…

Trust me. I’m a guide.

Squeeky’s June Top 10 Happenings

  1. June is warm. June can bring snow. Not recently, but my birthday is this month & I awoke to 9″ on the ground once. Lame. Gone by the afternoon though. Mostly sunny with better than 2 1/2″ of rain coming to us this month too. Our wettest month here in this semi-arid part of Montana. Average temps in the high 70’s with warmer days on tap too. Bring all kinds of gear with you for June. Raingear is important. Sungear is important.
  2. PMD’s come in June.
  3. June is my favorite month on the Mighty Mo. We love the brown trout on the early PMD’s. They eat ’em.
  4. Early starts are OK. Late starts are OK. Lots of boats on the water. Some go early. Some go late.
  5. The morning nymph bite is good. The late bite has been more difficult. Sometimes nearly impossible. So remember to fish well in the morning. If you are a nympher. The dry fly guys must save a few good reach mends in their pocket for that trout rising to dry flies.
  6. Caddis should make an appearance.
  7. The water levels seem to be on the drop. The thing that could change this now is a full reservoir and more rain. But we are enjoying the water on the drop. Wade fishing is alive and well. Below 6K you can waltz around out there. The Dearborn will be a few more days til she totally drops and becomes fishable. But, fishing below the Dearborn should be viable today or tomorrow.
  8. Be polite. Lots of pressure in this busiest month of the year. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Do not park in front fo gate entrances into fields that you do not own. Repeat the land owner. I see lots, yes lots, of cars blocking gate entrances into the fields around here. Don’t be that stupid f*** that changes the rules. Be smart. Have a sense of situational awareness. Understand that you are not the only person on earth. They are just trout man.
  9. Shop at Headhunters daily. They do have the best in Mo River flies, selection is KING, with full time fly monitor 7wt procuring and delivering the goods to you the fly customer. Open 7-9. Yes, when the rest are, I guess resting, we are here waiting for you sir. Free coffee, free river maps, free information, rigging techniques, fishing secrets, sun gear galore, sunglasses for every budget, the friendly fly staff that you have come to love in the last decade.
  10. Have Fun. It’s summer. It is a wonderful time to be here. Enjoy.
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  • Tom Dickson
    June 4, 2019 7:59 pm

    “Do not park in front fo gate entrances into fields that you do not own.” Right on, Mark. Out-of-state and even local anglers should know that the incredible private land access we enjoy on river right from bridge to bridge is not a given. It comes from the benevolence of the company that owns that land, granted after years of meetings with FWP game wardens and biologists, TU representatives, access advocates like the late, great Jim Range, and any number of wonderful trout-related business owners in Craig and Wolf Creek. But it could disappear tomorrow if anglers do not obey the basic rules of common courtesy. Like not parking in front of gates and not littering. So do us all a favor, please. Don’t be that guy.

  • Puneet Bansal
    June 4, 2019 8:18 pm

    How’s the swinging two handed action?

    • Everyone is out Hunting for risers Puneet, although the few I’ve talked to have very good swinging. Have you been out? What’s your report?

  • Puneet Bansal
    June 6, 2019 8:58 am

    Will be out this weekend, will keep you posted!

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