Missouri River Fishing Report 7.20.20

Missouri River Fishing Report 7.20.20

Trico’s increasing.

Looks like PMD’s decreasing. Spinners will get the finicky ones to bite.

Caddis Strong! For those who like to fish the evening shift the second to last hour is the Golden Hour. Downwinged flies do well. Find a dark night fly for your pleasure.

Trico spinner fall after 9am. Sometimes a great PMD spinner fall in conjunction with the Trico event.

The dry fly game is difficult. The rising fish can be hard to find some days. Be patient. Make a good first impression. Don’t wait for the 17th cast to make that good impression.

Don’t drag the fly over the head of the fish on the first impression. It’s like having really bad breath.

Hoppers? Yes. Buy them at Headhunters of Craig. The best selection and stock on the river.

Guides out daily. Book yours today. 406-868-5473. Up to dat fishing report 406-235-3447

Shop open 630am or a bit before.

Nymphers like the Caddis Pupa and the PMD nymph. Zirdles? Yessir. Crawfish? Yes. Short or long. Split or not. Try a Tungsten fly up top with the smaller mayfly nymph below.

The entire river is fishing well.

Was your boat at Headhunters of Craig. AIS issues are real.

Cabins for rent too. Houses. Riverfront or otherwise. 

All good in Craig. Moving through the summer. Remember the Covid Sentinal Testing day is July 22nd in Craig at HH. 145 Bridge Street 2-6pm by PureView Health Centers. Come by for a non-invasive self test.

July 22nd 2-6pm Drive Thru COVID-19 Testing in Craig MT


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