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Missouri River Fishing Report 8.24.23

Missouri River Fishing Report 8.24.23

Flows in the mid 4K’s. Average. Perfect.

Water temps low at 62 in the am, a bit higher during the day. No fear of closures or fish health issues based on water temps.

Weeds a 6 or 7 on the 1-10 scale. Less upriver, more downriver.

Most are nymphing beginning at the dam. Zebra Midge,Worm, Zirdle, some sort of small Perdition type Euro nymphs as well. There are so many good stinky fast bugs patterns out there this author has not been able to learn them all yet. So stop by and peruse our large selection of Mo River Specific nymphs. Best flies under the Big Sky!

Dry fly fellers loving the Trico Spinner fall. Still great opportunities for killer dry fly angling. Morning is your game. Lots of anglers at the dam. Fewer at WC Bridge. Even fewer at Craig. You do the math.

Ants and hoppers are good. Great? Nope. Ants yes, try them first. Hoppers if you like a larger profile. Re-read Scumliners article here about blind dry fly fishing the MO.

The canyon reach is empty. Lower? Even quieter.

Not as many splash and giggle as we move into the school year.

Book your trips for September and October today. Lodging and guide availability is waning.

Football, baseball, and fly fishing on our minds today as we move into full Autumn.

Call today for any info or listen to the answering machine style fishing report by calling 406-235-3447 ext 3.

Open Daily in Downton Craig Montana.

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  • Feeling that Fall love on the great Missouri! It’s early yet but a great time to be on this incredible resource! Get ready!!

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