Missouri River Fishing Report

Missouri River Fly Fishing Report August 16th

Missouri River Fly Fishing Report August 16th

Water temps falling as the month moves towards September and cooler temps all the way around. Still some smoke in the air and we should expect it through the rest of the fire season. Meaning at least until the middle of September. Then, maybe some respite.

Traffic on the Mo is very light. Historically light. But in the past 10 years August has been really quiet. Nice for those who don;t like other anglers. The weekends still bring the splash and giggle crowd, but not as many as the July period. If you want to come and be one of the very few fishing the Mo, this is the time. Or Mid January. But the air temps are much better in August!

We pick back up in September and run hard through the middle of November. The Swing Season is nearly upon us and talk of Trout Spey rods and streamer patterns along with soft hackles are creeping into our daily conversations. BWO’s, October Caddis, streamer junkies, snow, crisp mornings…all that is in the near future.

Back to today. Trico’s get the day started. Not as prolific, the Trico hatches, as they are in July. But enough to keep you busy for 3 hours or so in the am period. Afternoons you can find a few sipping trout but not a ton. Not many if an caddis around and the PMD’s have been gone for some time.

Terrestrials will fill your afternoon. Ants, beetles, and hoppers all can bring entertainment and voracious strikes. You can fish froth upper river all the way to Cascade if you are willing to bounce those weeds from your fly. Those who can do it with ease are catching some trout while those who have a difficult time removing them with that Mo River Snap, are not as pleased.

Streamers are an option. Some are getting it done. Again if you are the type that has a hard time with weeds, you need not tie on the big bug. Some are having great success tugging the bigger subsurface fly around.

Nymphers are mostly hovering around the dam. Do two laps if you cannot row all day long. IF you can you gotta get a few Zebra’s, small mayfly patterns, and a worm. Those nymphing lower are finding some fish not he Crayfish and Zirdle Bug. Czech Nynphs, Green Mo, Little Green Machine, small Psycho Mays, Zebra UV Purple, Ninch’s Ball Gag Midge, Two Bit Hookers…you know the fare up there.

A good time to fish the Mo. Not the greatest time. But with the lack of crowds we enjoy this time on the river. Call us up today for lodging, guides, shuttles, sungear, hot new fly rods, and always the best in flies at Headhunters of Craig Montana. Open daily early and late!

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  • It’s amazing thr disdain the ranchers have for the water supplies in the southwestern corner of Montana. Alfalfa fields are irrigated 24/7 …..the lion’s share of Montana’s water is dedicated as basically a free resource for cows. Everyone knows this …..if a waterway is to be restricted or closed then agriculture needs to be likewise restricted.

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