Pink Lightening Bug Fly Tying Video

Missouri River Fly Patterns. Pink Lightening Bug Tying Video

Pink Lightening Bug Tying Video brought to you today by Headhunters Fly Shop, Just Add Vise Tying Kits, and the Missouri River.

Ever fished the Missouri River near Craig in the winter months? No? Our strong suggestion is that you have a few of these bouncing around in your winter Missouri River box.

It sells really well in the winter months states Headhunters Fly Shop fly guru Ninch. I wouldn’t go out there without them. What if they get on them? You better have a handful.

Or you can just tie them. Easy-peasy. Just watch the short video below by John Arnold and whip up a few dozen.

If they work, you can sell your buddy a couple for $5/fly. Or more…

Fly Tying Night in America on Wednesday Night at Headhunters. Ninch, Braden, and Mark will be attending and maybe a couple other Headhunters. All are welcome for this informal gang of tiers. No lessons, no fee, and plenty of Bullshit. 6-8pm Wednesday night. We’ll see you at the shop tying pink flavored Missouri River winter bugs.

But you can tie whatever blows your skirt up.


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