Missouri River Friday Fishing Report Headhunters Fly Shop

Missouri River Friday Fishing Report Headhunters Fly Shop

Missouri River Friday Fishing Report Headhunters Fly Shop

All good and getting better.

Well, meaning, the water is scheduled to drop this coming week. Yup. It’s gonna happen.

Flows at Toston Dam of the Missouri River are dropping rapidly. 13K Thursday nite. Will be falling all weekend long. Look at the progress.

Above is the Toston chart. Holter Dam, upriver of Craig, is 16K. It will fall this week following the pattern of the above chart. When Toston drops, the Mo here in Craig drops. Yes sir.

The big news is the entire river is fishing. Also clean. The Dearborn River is below 1000cfs and also falling. Still dumping chocolate milk flavored water, but, but it is just fine. 1/10 the volume we had last week at 10K. IT is all good my fishy friends.

Fish all the way to Cascade. The Little Prickly Pear is clean too. Upper river is good. Mid river is good. Lower river is good. Look for Headhunters Fly Shop for the best in flies and shuttle service open first every day. And open for later shuttles as the other guys stop doing shuttles early afternoon.

Headhunters is your late night fly shop here in Craig. Stop in for a cocktail @ Izaak’s and then peruse the best in fly goods in Craig.

Nymphers are getting it done. A few difficult bite days are behind us and the rods were bent on Thursday. Bent.

PMD’s Caddis, Sally’s ugly attractors, and more. Trico’s are around the corner so do not forget to stock up on micro black mayfly nymphs the next time you stop in.

Are you a sowbugger? We have them all and in big numbers. Split shot and bobbers. All of the goods.

The dry fly bite is nearing. Better everyday. Way better as the water recedes. PMD’s and caddis will be on the bill. Watch. Wait. Prep. Drift. Catch.

That is the preferred method.

The streamer bite is improving as well. Happy fish eat streamers. You still gotta have a sink tip with sinking power. Type 6 tips? That is about right. Why not get a couple sinking leaders from RIO. They are the key when you want to reach new depths!

Lodgin here at Headhunters. Guides here at Headhunters. Free river info and your fly pattern leader on the Mo. Maps. Shuttles. SIMMS. An accessory wall from hell. Headhunters Logo Gear.

The epi-center of Craiglandia is Headhunters.

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