Missouri River Mid Week Fishing Report 9.30.20

Missouri River Mid Week Fishing Report 9.30.20

Fishing Report

Missouri River Mid Week Fishing Report 9.30.20

The no nonsense fishing report this hump day.

Flows 3760cfs. Temps falling rapidly to 58F.

Lots of Pseudo’s around. All of a sudden. That small black diptera is out there in big numbers too. A Zebra will cove that base.

The Pseudo thing with small dark or olive mayfly nymphs. Long in the morning, shorter in the afternoon.

Try the deepest troughs for some late summer early fall love. Split shot yes.

Adams, in larger sizes will bring fish to the surface. Caddis too. Skittering. Tan.

Most anglers on the upper. Some on the lower. A scant number in the canyon.

Streamer anglers are claiming no action.

Weeds hit and miss. Fish live under weeds.

Did see more fish rising today that the last 5 weeks. They are out there. Should be increasing moving into October.

Pretty good scene out there on the river. Friendly folks around. Non local locals showing up. Guides from around America finishing the season on the Mo.

Fishing fair. Some days better than others. Jacking around at the dam recently. Lower flows. Weeds. Normal. October starts tomorrow.



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