Missouri River Mid Week Fishing Report from Headhunters Fly Shop Craig Montana

Missouri River Mid Week Fishing Report from Headhunters Fly Shop Craig Montana




Enjoyable to outside for sure.

Shop open daily 8am.

Shuttles daily.

Flies? Yes, we got flies.

Midging? Maybe. The midge will come in the sun. Fish will roam around and look at them. Sometimes half-heartedly swipe at them. And, sometimes eat them. The former more common than the latter. Once again, a Zebra below a big Adams or large midge dry pattern can work. The trout just as often eat the dry. No need to go micro. on your dry fly. Unless you like that kind of punishment.

Nymphing in deep dark holes? Yes. Pink, but the sow bug gains strength every season. This one included. Split shot if you wish. Slow and winter enough out there to use the weight of the fly to achieve depth. Cycle though bailouts repeatedly for a gauge on your game. If they eat it, good. If they don’t, go deeper. If they don’t still, change the pattern. If they still do not play, move.

Stripping Streamers? Yessir. Slowly. Pausing for lengths of time. If it gets heavy, continue pressure. Black, or white. Then go to the middle. Dick Magill and I had a recent conversation about those who like to go from Black, to dark brown, to brown. That type of progression does not make any sense to either of us. Go to the opposite and of the color and light spectrum from black, to white. Then towards the center. Olive, cream, or whatever. Find the parameters and then work within them. In that order.

Swinging? A lull in the excellent reports this past week(end). Warmer weather may wake them up? Or will the too bright skies put them down? All speculation of course, and a daily blog demands you feed it, so…stop in for the up to the minute report, as you can daily here in downtown Craig.

That’s all folks. You can always call too. We love to chat about fishing. 406-235-3447. Q’s about the summer? This spring? Any gear or fly questions? Call anytime.

Enjoy the remainder of your week. Super Bowl this Sunday. I bet we are closed early on Sunday. Probably about 230 or 3pm. Game time is 430pm MST. Don’t forget about your sweetie this Monday Valentines Day.


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