Monday Fishing Report

Missouri River Monday Fishing Report

Monday Fishing Report

The weather has been warm then cool. Snow yesterday morning following the 81F on Friday.

Oh, not so strange. Just like Montana spring weather patterns. Who knows what this week will bring.

Overcast yesterday morning with that light snow and some rain too. Then she cleared in the pm for a fantastic day.

The highlights this weekend include a good BWO hatch on the lower river and good action in the canyon too. Pretty good number of bigs for sure. Some trout seen eating few. Not a full on rise as we would expect them to be more apt to rise to the fly with overcast skies. Comfort is a big deal to those trout. Confidence as well.

Midge everywhere. Some sloppy risers out there with the juveniles getting all over the midge in some areas. Bigger fish are not getting too fired up yet.

As the month passes by the trout will get on board with our love of dry fly biting. Historically the tail end of April will show us that more consistent rise.

But do not that let you down at all. You can head out there and find some fish to toss that dry fly at. It really is weather dependent. The no cloud scenario is no good.

Better streamer reports for many. Some bigger brown trout get taken on the baitfish pattern this month and next. May is a gray streamer month on the Mo. April is pretty good too.

Nymphing pretty good. While the mayfly nymph is getting some attention the pink gaudy stuff is still pretty good. Don’t give up on them yet. Many fish the Firebead into early June.

Stop by and see the stuffed fly bins with all of your favorites. Hey if you think you need something specula come in and have Ninch look up some secret patterns for you. We do special orders. That goes for any product you may want that is not available in the store. We will get what you need to make you smile.

Coffee, BS, flies, shuttles, rods, mega fly reels, the largest fly line selection on the Missouri River, and a damn fishy fly shop staff.

Headhunters is your Missouri River fly shop.

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