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Missouri River Monday Fishing Report 8.7.23

Missouri River Monday Fishing Report 8.7.23

Drizzle and rain this past weekend. A nice cooling effect for us here in central Montana. While the warmer water temps have affected the remainder of the state and beyond, the cool tailwater of the Mighty Mo is in full effect. Our water temps are in check, not dangerous of the trout, and unlike the freestones this resource is quite cool for the time period. Air temps the week ahead do not crawl above 80F. Hooray.

Trico hatch daily. Spinner fall in the cooler weather of the week will be delayed. Look for them to fall after 10am. The hatch will be delayed as well, consequently the spinner fall later in the day. We have seen the hatch come off as late as noon. Call, stop in, contact us for up to the minute reports @ 406-235-3447. Love to talk about trout. Patterns include the Trico Double Wing Spinner, the Trico Spinner classic, Quigley’s and Stalcup’s Clusters, Griffith’s Gnats, Buzzballs, CDC Hanging Trio Emerger, C DC Trico Emerger, small floating unweighted PT/mayfly style size 18 or 20. There are few black ones as well, or olive as the females are, you guessed it, olive.

You like the fishing reports here on this daily blog? Stop in and get even more info/knowledge inside the store. We are full time Mo River anglers, lovers of this water, and open 364 days a year to offer services, guide trips, flies, info, local lodging, shuttles, rental boats, and  fishy conversation. Check out our Voice Recorded Fishing Reports updated weekly at 4 minutes in length at 406-235-3447 ext 3.

PMD’s still playing a role in your dry fly attack. Rusty or Chartuese/yellowish spinner patterns. Sparse as we move into the middle of August. Gotta have a couple in your box for this occasion. 18’s for sure, man.

Ants. Fish them. You love them, trout love them, and you can mostly see this pattern on the water! Cinnamon, rusty, block, or a combo of colors. Not many things in nature are one color. Think about it. Truth. 12-18’s.

Caddis Flies Rule. A better than average, for he past 20 years, caddis fly participation this year. 16’s and 18’s right now. Translucent Emergers, CDC Caddis, Spent Caddis, Tent Wing Caddis, Skittering Caddis, floating pupa, downwinged caddis…anything that does not float too high. Like the profile of a hair wing caddis? We do too. Trim the hackle from the lower half to get that sucker in the water. Fish in Montana’s Missouri River like the fly sitting int he water, not on the water. You dig?

Grasshoppers? Yup. Again, rising in the water, nearly drowned, or totally drowned in yellow, pink, purple, green, tan…or all the colors together. Most things in nature are not one note, one singular color. Many are fishing in the am, lower on the river system. Get the fly to the fish in the morning period. Less wind, less sun, less casting fatigue, less pressure, more action.

Slack line presentations are important for dry fly success. Find a cast, or cast that you like, practice, and implement. Tight liners need not apply. Those who come armored with the knowledge of several presentation techniques will enjoy this river. Those who don’t will seek freestones with much smaller insectual biomasses. Like the Madison, Yellowstone, Rock Creek, the Bg Hole…

Nymphers are fishing near the dam for the most part. Drifting later in the day to Craig FAS or beyond. Big flies include the Zirdle Bug, Worm, or a large Caddis Pupa. Bottom flies are varied including Perdigons of the black and darker color varieties, Little green MAchines, Tow Bit Hookers,  S & M’s, Zebra’s and the like. Again, we have a giant, meaning 500+ bins full of killer Mo river patterns for your choosing. An acre of Sows and scuds too.

Water levels are a touch above normal. About 10%. That is good. Water temps below normal. That is good. On both ends of the scale we are in good shape. Water temps dipping this week in accordance with the air temps. That is good. Not in any danger for closures, restrictions, or otherwise.

Weed levels are average as well. Better towards the dam, not a good as you had downstream. Remember below the rapids at Prewitt Creek and beyond the weeds kinda disappear for w few miles. A good morning session can be had in those reaches.

Book your fall trip today including lodging from HH of Craig. September is a great tnymphing month. October has both nymphers and dry fly anglers alike with the beginnings of the swingers and soft hackers. Trout Spey caster are seen as well Ian the middle of the month Conti suing forward. November is one of our favorite months. Book today by speaking with Julie 406-235-3447 ext 1.


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