Missouri River Monday. July.

Missouri River Monday. July.

Missouri River Monday. July.

Just the stats, facts, and rumors from your information source on this Missouri River Monday. July.

We are busy fishing. Shop open at 6am. Early birds welcome at Headhunters of Craig. Start every day @ Headhunters.

  • River falling to under 6K this morning. Wade fishers paradise. And boat anglers can now access all of the mid river bars and islands. Get and and wade man. It’s good for your constitution. It’s good for learning. It’s good man.
  • Trico’s have arrived in a big way. Epic hatch followed by a spectacular spinner fall Sunday. Fished well until about 1pm with the dry fly. Targets yes. Pods? Not really. Coming? Maybe.
  • PMD’s continue to make things interesting. Don’t put away the Rusty Spinner yet. Fished a Pink Albert Hackle Stacker yesterday with good success.
  • Caddis skittering around. Spent Caddis have always been a strong producer. Stocking Wing Caddis. Gotta go techy on the Caddis Fly from here on out. Get it low in the water. In it. Film it. But don’t drag it. Fish don’t like dragging flies. Not even caddis. Big difference between dragging badly and skittering it. Big. Trout don’t eat the dragging one.
  • Nymphing very good. Consistent catch rates. Rig it long or short Toss into seams and eddies. Hit it if the bobber twitches. PMD’s like Frenchie’s, Little Green Machine, S & M, Two Bit Hookers, Red Headed Step Child, Skinny Pheasant Tails. The big Zirdle still holds water; amazingly. Stop in and visit our crack staff to see what is the hot fly of the week.
  • Stock up on hoppers as we are moving into the terrestrial season. Ants too. Boond fishing is around the corner. August is approaching for some of the better attractor fishing of the season.
  • The entire river is fishing well. Explore out there!
  • Morning fishing is good. 
  • Evening fishing can be great for the caddis bite on top. See us for a shuttle. We’d love for you to get your boat int he water by 6pm. We’d love to help, but not late night near dark. Long days here at your favorite fly shop…we get thirsty a bit after 9pm.
  • Guide trips available with Missouri River Professionals. We are a full time fly shop, yep all year long, with full time career fly fishing guides on board. If you haven’t already, experience why Headhunters is the Guide Fly Shop of Choice fishing Montana’s Missouri River.
  • The best selection of lodging on the river. www.CraigLodging.com
  • CraigTroutCamp gets you smack dab in downtown Craig near all of the summer fun. Feel like a trout bum for the week.
  • 2Fer Tuesday on tap again starting late tonight. See how we stretch your dollar on hot fly purchases online sometime late tonight.
  • Be polite out there. Treat others like you would like to be treated. The Golden Rule.
  • The water has dropped. The fish are lookin up. Montana Summer has arrived.
Missouri River Monday. July.


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