Missouri River Montana Current Fishing Report 11.14.23

Missouri River Montana Current Fishing Report 11.14.23

Missouri River Montana Current Fishing Report 11.14.23

Water Flows hovering around 4K.

Water Temps falling at 46F.

Angler pressure is above average as the daily temperatures are above average. Hi’s in the 50’s for the next 10 days. Shuttles daily at HH of Craig. 406-235-3447 ext 2 to set it up. Or stop in for a couple flies as well.

Weekly-ish voice recorded fishing report via the spoken word 406-235-3447 ext 3.

BWO’s? No. His tiny cousin is still around but waning.

Streamer strippers are having a ball. Generally light tips with leech patterns. Come by and get yourself a new Streamer Fly Line. Oh, the casting enjoyment of a new fly line. Or, clean it daily. RIO Fly Line Cleaning Towelette is your key to daily slick-ness. Or any other fly line cleaning product. We got ’em all here in Craiglandia.

Swingers with the Two Handed rod having a blast as well. The flows are just right in the 4K range. Lots of great water for fooling a few with the swung fly. Lots of Scandi opportunities out there as the water temps are just right for the top end of the water column. Skagit anglers are also enjoying an Intermediate Tip or any one of the Intermediate/T-8 combo’s. The RIO 5’x5′ Skagit Tips along with the 7.5int/2.5 T-8 are very good for the conditions. The SA Skagit TC Tips like the Int/Sink 2 or the Sink 2/Sink 4 tips are fantastic! Come by for any Spey Ed you need to make your day successful. We have all of the Trout Spey gear appropriate for the Mighty Missouri River.

The strippers and swingers are enjoying the leech based fly pattern catalog. Red, olive, brown, and black are quite popular. This author was swing white for the better part of the week. Some days good, others not as good with the bright fly. Woolley Buggers, all timer, are certainly popular with our resident trout here in central Montana. A pattern that never falls from fashion.

Wets? We got lots of classic wet flies along with Soft Hackles too. The Best Flies Under the Big Sky at HH of Craig.

DFO anglers? Pretty quiet in the mid day period. Better daybreak til 9am and 330pm til dark. BWO cripples along with smaller tan caddis patterns are fishable.

The bobber lobbers are killing it, of course. Sows, scuds, FIrebeads, Pill Poppers, Bubble Yums, Pink Lightening Bugs, Rainbow Czechs, Zebra’s in black or red or olive, worms, Tailwater Sows, Ray Charles…and so forth. Relatively shallow of the majority of the day. Some pre such anglers getting it done with longer leaders and split shot. Still a bundle roaming around at the dam. Necessary? Nope. But some find it hard to break the dam appreciation. The entire river fishing well a the current water temps.

HH Guide Jared out yesterday 11/13, nymphing with a guest and stated the short leash, a nymph rig that is 3′ long from indicator to bottom fly w/o split shot fished a Pill Popper and a Tailwater Sow all day long. Two sows, considerable net use, and a wind burn. Blew hard all day long.

Shuttle Services daily @ HH. Open daily 8-5. Call before you roll. We can give you the up to the minute weather conditions.

Looks like a good mid-week for fishing. We are damn excited about it. Let’s hope the wind abates. Smiles abound during this very nice fall weather. 65F yesterday!

Have a good Tuesday. A few HH gang headed out for the afternoon session…



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