Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 3.24.15

Go small and get the take. That is the word on the street as we move into the latter week of March.

Has madness ensued? Not quite but we are getting ripe.

Water temps still rising and the fishing is good enough to bring some of those rainbow colored trout to the surface. Clusters may not be the key as the better fish are now keying on the single midge. Size 20 and 22 midge patterns can get it done. Try the single posted mini Adams for a good trout midge bug. Don’t like that mayfly style fare? Go with a Poly Posted single midge, Matt’s Midge, Quig’s Midge, or anything small and midge like. Anglers choice.

Can’t see it? Trust your fishing partners eyes. Or just whack it when you think the trout is on it, near it, etc.

The streamer bite is decent as we move into the 38F water temp. Will it get warmer? Oh yeah man. Daily from here on out. Unless ‘Ol Man Winter re-appears.

The fly fishing information leaders in Craig

The nymphing? Getting better as the spring weather pattern takes hold. We should see an increase in consistency with less hit and miss feeding behaviors. The normal winter/spring fare can work on any given day. Just keep changing until the trout respond. Some days they are totally off of the Firebead patterns. Just sayin.’ Remember your winter/spring mantra. Slow water is a friend of the bobber bunch.

Flows are down and will remain so unless something with the snowpack changes…which is not in the long-term forecast. The water guessers state that it will remain at 4100cfs range as they are in the active storing of water stage. The normal fill date is the 3rd week of June with the Canyon Ferry Reservoir seeking a 97% fill value. We will keep you posted as the spring water situation comes into focus.

How about your Tuesday? We suggest working on the weekends and fishing during the week. Shop open daily for any of your Missouri River needs. The friendliest staff on the entire river and your information experts here in Craig. See you soon…




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