Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 6.8.15

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 6.8.15

Hot weather for the week.

It’s cool. PMD’s enjoy the high and bright sun.

The PMD emergence is the first true sign of summer. This is the moment when we can dash those awful winter and spring thoughts of snow, sleet, rain, wind. Unless we have our somewhat historical last storm of the winter season which can occur this week?

It doesn’t look like it but Mother Nature is a wild beast!


Flows? Here on the Craig River proper we are sitting at 6620. Normal? Yes. Will it get higher? Probably. Check out the chart above. Higher water in June is normal. We may see the June USBR projections today and we will pass them on as soon as we are able.


USGS.06054500.06.00060..20150601.20150608.log.0.p50So inflows above in conjunction with the reservoir level will lead us down the road of higher water.  The Canyon Ferry Reservoir is over the line this morning at 97.3% full. At 97% the Corp takes over and it is out of our hands.

What does that mean for our flows here below Holter Dam? Well, higher. When they reach the full lake level then historically they push the water through. Peaking the reservoir in the last week of June is the norm. So what does that mean?  It means that whatever the inflows at Toston are, they historically match the outflows at Holter. Inflows at 10K. Outflows at 10K.

Before you freak out let’s see what the projection is. Don’t freak out yet.

That Toston Flow Chart above should see some decline today. Or tomorrow. Most of the low lying water from the previous storms has moved through as we watch the smaller tributaries fall rapidly. This morning the Dearborn is at 545cfs. Not bad. As you can see the flows are diminishing rapidly.

USGS.06073500.01.00060..20150601.20150608.log.0.p50Float the Dearborn this week? Oh yeah.

The Blackfoot? Also coming into shape nicely. We love both of these tribes and fish when we can.

So you got that in your knowledge bank. The flows, the potentials, the whole deal. We see it as a good thing. Water for the summer. Water for the masses. Water for the people. Water for the trouts most importantly.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 6.8.15

Good to great. But not totally great yet. Some have good days, others not as good. The guided trips are producing as the nymphing game can be shaken up in these flows. The fish move around and it can take some time to locate them. Don’t be afraid to fish spring lanes with deeper bobber placements.

PMD and caddis nymphs rule the day  with the Worm still in the mix. Firebeads for some as they throwback to a month or two ago with fly selection. Lots of them leaving the store daily so it must be something to think about.

Yellow Sally’s should be in the water column soon? Those bigger stones too?

They are coming. The caddis are coming daily

Dry fly anglers are getting more excited by the day. Almost consistent PMD hatches as we move into the second full week of June. In another week you can expect to see them daily. This week with the high and bright, as mentioned above, will bring it on in some reaches well. Evidence of the PMD all the way up the river with the concentrations mainly still below Craig.

Caddis are in fashion as well and again more bugs the lower you fish. X-Caddis, Translucent Pupa’s, Buzzballs, and the filmy companions can get it done.

Still the fish are not bothered and any number of patterns can work on any given day. The dry fly game is a bit easier to figure out than the nymph program. The trout get weird when water levels jump[ around.

Streamers? OK. But not the best time of year. Some success on flash flies has been reported from the staff and guides and a few bank anglers. Not much discussion as the dry fly is here and most are here for that reason.

We are entering our dry fly time of year and this river will support several factions of dry fly nuts. We encourage that gang and enjoy their discussions, company, and daily frustrations.

Call us up if any questions arise from this report or if you need even more info, a trip, some lodging, or just want to chat with somebody about the dry fly bite.

We are all ears here in Craig.

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