Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 7.13.15

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 7.15.15

Cooler temps will prevail this week as uncommon July temps will be gracing us dawn til dusk.

Looking like no temps over 80F for the week and night time temps in the lower 50’s. That is what the doctor ordered for sure.

Soggy angling this last weekend as the rain came down in bunches. The dry fly bite? Not bad but those who roll with the punches whacked ’em on streamers and nymphs. The streamer fishing was just awesome according to HH guide Beth Langell. Max Mattioli said the nymph bite wad damn good…and many others agreed!

Back to the future and the dry fly bite. Most are here to toss the dry against some pretty difficult trout. They certainly are getting harder daily as we move through the historically great July. Don’t foul it up early in the game. Some fish will disappear even with the perfect drift right outta the gate. So approach softly and quietly and stealthily and quiet and secretly and be super-sneaky! Then you have a fighting chance.

First drifts are still huge. They never fall out of favor. The 37th drift…not so good.

Best Trico hatch of the young Trico season yesterday on the upper river. The lower river? Good Trico’s down there too. THe middle? Maybe. Some bigger flies out and about with the black flying ant around daily.

Sally’s? Gone.

PMD’s? Anemic but the spinner fall can bring some fish to the surface for sure. The Rusty Spinner never falls from grace. Some talk on the Headhunters porch about the Captive Dun getting you to raise a few of the tougher ones. Words of Wisdom. The Trapped Dun is hot too.

Caddis? Good. Flights in the am with some good action blind casting before the hatch. Put the nymph away in the am and get some quality casting practice targeting fish on the drive by. Skittering caddis int he pm can bring the fish to hand as well. Find a good skitterer and fish it. Dead drift it for best success unless you are some kind of world class skitterer. Those of you, the very few, who know how can get some amazing action.

Dragging it is different than skittering it.

Spruce Moths around too. Smaller this year. The Spruce.

Hoppers? Yes.

Ants? Yes per above.

The fishing has been going south, the dry fly bite, about 2ish. Depends on the day but the best time for the sipping trouts is earlier than later.

But, the Nite Bite is pretty strong. A few are staying out late or going out later for the evening experience. You could be that guy. And why not. Skating caddis galore. And that nighttime PMDealio.  A strong suggestion is to forgo the PMD and focus on the caddis. Smarter money.

Bring your rain jackets and warmer jackets for the morning and T-Storms that are in the forecast daily. If you forget we have plenty of high speed Gore-Tex from SIMMS. We’d love to sell you one, but a warning follows…Bring rain gear in the summer, winter, spring and fall for your Montana journey. You might need it.

Lots of kick-ass flies in our bins with sunscreen, sungear galore, sun hats, ball caps, logo wear, GINK, TroutHunter 5.5X, RIO 12′ Leaders, SAGE One fly Rods, the only SIMMS dealer on the Missouri River, shuttles, ice, and the friendliest staff on the river.

Shop open daily from dawn til dusk.


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