Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 7.18.22

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 7.18.22

The update is as follows. The fishing is fantastic in the morning, good in the afternoon, worthwhile in the evening.

Those who like to get it done head out early and take advantage of the pre heat bite.

Good Trico spinner falls almost every day. Some are not as good as others as the hatch in conjunction with a gentle breeze can diminish the fall.

Enough PMD spinners on the water daily to keep the fish interested in this larger and sweeter trout bite.

Caddis better in the evenings with good catch reports coming from the late night gang.

Terrestrial fishing is as good as you are. Toss it out there as you can and let ‘er ride. Twitch if you can. Only if you can. A fine line between dragging the fly and twitching the fly. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Not as much pressure as we move towards the month of August. Still busy. Come on out early and make a half day of it for your pleasure. Come during the week if you need some real solace. Get out there!

Lodging has some availability as well. Give us a shout and stay in Craig this August at the Craig Trout Camp here in downtown Craig.

Still no fires bothering us here in our neighborhood. Good news.

The fish are getting a touch finicky if you foul up the initial drift. Get your game face on and make the first drift count. Give folks lots of room out there too. Treat others as you you would like to be treated!

Headhunters open at 6am for all your trout fishing needs. Great summer clothing available at the shop with Sun Hoodies, sun gloves, sunscreen, ICE, the Best Flies Under the Big Sky, fly rods, reels, and the friendly staff on the fun side of Craig.

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