Missouri River Montana March 12th Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana March 12th Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana March 12th Fishing Report

Warm weekend for the mid March time frame. Looks like another good time to fish Montana’s Missouri River in Craig. I’d rather not be anywhere else if those damn midge get really rolling and noses appear!

Some ideas for you this weekend fishing the Mo. As we always suggest here on this fishy blog you should change things up often. Or at least once a year? Do something outside of your comfort zone. It’ll be good for all involved.

Headhunters Fly Shop Hot Tips

  • Fish a different stretch. The entire river is fishing well. While the lower end is ice free, as it has been for a while, the fishing reports have been hit and miss. Some midge down there and that strange termite bug is around too. Roll the dice and get on down there.
  • Lots fishing at the dam and WC. How about Craig for a put in. Fish to any of the 4 boat ramps with in 6 miles. Or go big and steamer fish it all the way to Mountain Palace.
  • Steamer fishers have been having some luck. Not strong all day long though. Sculpins have been the tip. Clousers too.
  • Water levels at 3700K. Still quite low. Dry lines for streamers or a lighter sink tip. An intermediate will get you through the day just fine.
  • Water temps are on the rise. Moved almost 2 degrees upwards this last week. That is a sign of spring. It can stall, but very rarely does it head back down the scale when it breaks free of that 36.5F level. The fish get hotter as it moves toward the spring and summer arenas.
  • Nymphers are finding more consistency in the last week. That is a good sign too. We believe that when you tie on the bobber you should be able to figure out the bite. Well, maybe that has leveled out as well for the spring. Just in time for our Spring Special which starts in a couple days. March 15th cheap guide trips at $350/day all inclusive.
  • Cheap lodging goes hand in hand with the Spring Special. Craig Trout Camp properties start at $125/night.
  • Midges good above Wolf Creek Bridge for evening dry fly fishing. That is your best bet for the dry fly game.
  • Flies that leave at a rapid rate include the Clouser family, Arnold’s Sculpin, R2R, all kinds of cool buggers we have in the bins, Hot Eye Kreelex, the Skiddish family, ad some smaller whitefish patterns along with yellow stuff too. Nymphs is still the pink deal with midges really hot, mayfly patterns gaining momentum daily. Dry flies include all the clusters and single midge patterns. Buzzballs, Griffith’s, CDC Hanging Midge, Bunny Dun winged single midge patterns, and the ever popular Adams. Take a good hard look at our midge area for some jewels you may need for your Missouri River season!
  • If you cannot find the fish nymphing it may be a depth issue. Kelli W at Headhunters said that this week they had to move the indicator a few times up and down to find the zone. So keep that in mind. Do not be afraid to move the bobber, the split shot, or change flies if your shit ain’t working. Gotta keep it moving forward if you like to use the net often.
  • Guide trips out most days this week and we will see the Spring Special put a few boats in the driveway every morning.
  • Izaaks’ opening in a couple weeks. We are excited for that! We will let you know as soon as we get the word!


Headhunters open daily at 8am. Look us up for shuttles, flies, coffee, lodging, information, rental boats, Healing Waters Vets Boats, the best in fly line selection on the river, your Trout Spey resource in all of Montana, and all things fishing on Montana’s Missouri River.

Enjoy your weekend!


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  • TroutsnoutRuss
    March 12, 2016 10:59 am

    Midges in isolated spots in the Pelican area but prolific. Add relative solitude to the mix and you get quite an outing with smutting trout as the bonus! Until the risers focused in on mats of bugs. Never could tie a midge mat. Any suggestions on a 3″ midge cookie? Quick note to the boating anglers who so enjoyed our visit as you floated through my fishing lie that you motored around the island and through again- you should have stuck around. The fishing improved all afternoon!

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