Missouri River Montana May Water Forecast

Missouri River Montana May Water Forecast

Higher water? Yes, this month and next.

Average? Yeah, it is. A normal winter here in Montana had us upset for the duration, but it is not uncommon in the space of time, but uncommon as of late. So a normal winter has us looking good for water this summer.

Do anglers like higher water? No, not really. Wade anglers certainly do not care for waters at this current stage. 6000 cfs make wading difficult in some wade fish runs. 8K makes it nearly impossible. Above that stage, not safe for the wading set.

Boaters dislike 10K and above. 16K no travel under Sterling Channel. And, some years the water ascends beyond this mark as well.

Currently 7410 cfs. Will it reach higher this week? Maybe. The water managers have stated we will have 5K-10K flows through the next 2 months. Higher, if we have a rain event. Or warmer than normal air temps. Which, we’ve had both in the last week.

Little Prickly Pear (LPP) currently running at 689 cfs. The Dearborn River currently at 1510 cfs. Will both continue the upper trajectory.

406-235-3447 is the water hotline if you need to know more, or less.

Dry fly fishing becomes difficult over 10K. Nymphing is nymphing. Fish gotta eat. Streamer fishing becomes more difficult as the flows increase as well. Deeper tips are needed along with heavier flies. Difficulty increases commensurate with flows.

The Bottom Line: Flows will move around between 5K-10K based on weather conditions. Mid and upper level snow are still in place. They are coming as we speak. How long with eh process take? 3-6weeks.

Blown below the Dearborn. Viz 1.5″

Off color below LPP. Visibility 1.5′

Flows historically decrease beginning the 4th week of June. Until then, enjoy the water.

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  • I’m glad the trout are getting a break. And that the goose poop is getting flushed downstream. I’m hoping we can hit 15K. Pipe dream maybe, but good to see the islands get scoured if not moved around.

    Catfishing on the lower Mo is on Fire. 18″-36″ from your bank sinker to your circle hook. Use half a goldeye for bait. Rig up a second hook and use the other half if you dare. Go get some!

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