Missouri River Projected Seasonal Flows

Missouri River Montana Projected Seasonal Flows & Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Projected Seasonal Flows & Fishing Report

Waters fluctuating as we move through the off season here on the  MO.

But, daily air temps crept over the 60F mark yesterday. And it was quite nice. Along with some SW wind. Lots actually.

Tons of anglers not he water yesterday with these quite seasonal uncommon conditions. Today, wind and cooler weather along with overcast skies.

Fishing Report? The Trout Spey rod the primary tool we saw out there yesterday. Lots of anglers swinging the 2 handed rod. And hook ups too!

You can pretty much stash the Scandinavian Lines til spring. Keep the Skagit line on your reel along with a Tip Wallet full of Skagit tips on your hip. Fished in a few water zones yesterday. Caught them near the surface with a Type 1 Tip. Just hovering within a couple feet of the surface. Yes, that worked. Also fishing a RIO Triple Density Tip the I/S3/S4. Also a 10′ IMOW 5×5 Light. And finally a 10′ T8 Tip. All of them garnered trout.

Were the trout hammering the fly? Nope. Soft takes and the fish was just on type of bite. But, lots of looks, several connected, and a several lost. You know, kinda just like fishing. Fish were on the strip, on the jig, on the swing, and on the dangle.

Spoke with Scumliner this week and his last swinging day(s) he found a similar plight of yesterday’s bite. Some runs the fish were active, others, not at all. Fish where you find them, move on when the fish do not seem amenable to your cause. Reluctant trout are out there. Water temps and flows are in flux. Keep that in mind.

So the upshot of this report is this: If the fish are there, fish them. IF you find nobody is home, keep moving.

The fish are holding in those deeper buckets as the water temps continue to fall. And I believe we will see this as we move into deeper winter. We think? Not much for precipitation in the long term forecast.

Water temps are 40F. Cooler as we move through this month.

Water flows are currently 4500cfs. In the parameters of normal flows for the fall and winter.

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We Remember Pearl Harbor Day today. 



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