Missouri River Montana Summer Events Calendar

Missouri River Montana Summer Events Calendar

June 23rd. 710 Ashbury plays on Izaak’s Log Jam 6pm. Come enjoy this Grateful Dead band play all night long. Headhunters for lodging and boats, Izaak’s for dinner, the porch for entertainment. A perfect day.

June and July. PMD’s hatching daily. After the water recedes to about 8K we will see real hot dry fly action daily. Maybe even before the beginning of July.

June, July, August. Caddis Flies. Post high water year 2011 showed us one of the better caddis dry fly years in some time. Will we see that action again? Boy I think so. Check out the Scumliner Media video below to see Headhunters Lead Guide Ben Hardy along with Mark Raisler catching a few caddis feeding trout July 22nd of 2011. Love me some evening caddis action. Daytime too. Book your summer trip today by calling 406-235-3447.

Trico’s arrive in early July. The water levels will be wadeable and the dry fly anglers come out for the month. Our best dry fly month and many are here for the Trico spinner falls. You will like it if you have not fished it. Practice your reach cast before you come. You’ll thank us later!

July 4th. BBQ at Headhunters of Craig. One of our famous hang out days here in Craig. Fireworks at dusk in town with Joe’s Bar putting on the show! The last couple years slow in the evening in Craig as the holiday falls on a Wednesday. The weekend holidays are much louder!

Terrestrials make an appearance in June and continue to get better as the summer progresses. Ants are on the diet list for our fish!

See you this Saturday for the Sumer Solstice Celebration with 710 Ashubury!




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  • i know you cannot predict everything but if i had some dates book june 30- july 2 how should i be feeling? hopeful? thanks for the great info as always

  • how should I be feeling about a june 29- july 3 set of dates? i also have early august on the books…

    • Depends on what you are after Dan. Some dry fly fishing, PMD’s, to be had on the edges from a boat. No wade fishing right now with the flows. Nymphing is good. Early August will be wadeable, and full of dry fly opportunities. Cell the shop if you have any more questions 406-235-3447

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