Missouri River Montana Thursday 11.18.21 Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Thursday 11.18.21 Fishing Report

It is changing. The water. The fish. The temps. The season.

Transition period on now.

Fish moving into a bit slower and deeper and cooler water. Although many still enjoying the quick paced waters the fish have began to move towards the winter location. But not intuit slow yet.

Water temps plunged in the last 3 days a couple degrees now flirting with the mid 40’s at 45.5F. Keep that in mind. Cooler water, slower movements by the trout.

Flows still at about 3K.

Sows win the battle with the nymphing gang. Scuds too. Not any talk about the BWO nymphs. All winter with out the pink yet. Short leash with the water levels holding in the loooowww arena. No split.

The streamer gang liking bit slower water too. Big fish in the troughs on the bottom. So medium water speeds for the time being. Heavier tips will scrape some out. Olive, white, black, leech-ee or flashy streamer patterns are catching the trout well.

Swingers getting them near the surface as we move into the non-insect period for that discipline. Almost gone are the soft hacklers. Some rumors of skating a few up out there. Beyond that some are swinging with the dry line Scandi heads and employing the Skagit as well. Go a bit deeper if you like.

The dry fly gang is taking a nap until March, or late February if we get a good midge event.

Guide trips out daily here at Headhunters. Call if you are coming through. We’ll get you in the boat for at least half day! Discounted lodging is nearing for many, some already at a winter rate including the Craig Trout Camp.

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