May Flies

Missouri River Montana Top Nymphs for late May

  1. Brush Hog
  2. Translucent Pupa
  3. Tung Dart
  4. Purple Weight Fly
  5. Fuzzy Face
  6. Hogan’s Petrified Pupa
  7. Sling Caddis
  8. Tailwater Sow Bug
  9. Caviar Scud
  10. Fish Finder Worm
  11. Trapper Nymph
  12. Flash-A_Midge Red
  13. Amex Czech Nymph
  14. Thunder Bug
  15. Shop Vac
  16. Hydropsyche Czech nymph
  17. Military May Black
  18. Two Bit Hooker
  19. Red Headed Step Child
  20. Snapping Craw

These are the top selling flies of this last week and weekend. What will be hot this coming week? Only you know what you will like, what the trout will like, and what we will have in stock ready for you.

The nymphing has been good in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening. Sometimes not so hot in the afternoon. Sometimes not so hot in the evening. Sometimes, not good in the morning either. But you gotta know to know. So you gotta go.

Check out the flows, adjust your depth, and get after it!




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