Missouri River October 16th Fishing Report

Missouri River October 16th Fishing Report

Missouri River October 16th Fishing Report

The only updated fishing report in Craig, or beyond. Strange huh?

The fishing is good. We would like more cloud cover, moist weather, and calm winds. We have slipped into this common, not what we prefer, sunny with some wind weather pattern. We have certainly seen this and endured it in years past. Yep, lots. But not what we like for the October session.

Just had the Gig Harbor Fly Shop here for two sessions. Thanks again for the fun times and trout! Large groups do well here at Headhunters with the lodging options and great full time guides. Call us up if you want to put a trip together for you and your fishing buddies. Stop in and see the boys and girls at Gig Harbor Fly Shop when in NW Washington!

Look at the weather coming up. It looks like we may see a change next week. Until then bring back out the sunscreen.


Nymphing is good in the afternoons. Not as good int he morning. Go deep in the am. 4’+ from bobber to split. The flows are about 4K and hovering. Then go shorter in the afternoons. Some are running short all day long.

The dam fishing well. Zebra show. Go deep and row around. Wolf Creek boat ramp at the bridge closed until further notice, probable through the end of October. Paving, striping, draining, campsiting, latrining, and more. So the dam or Craig are the two upper river choices.

Nymphing will int he canyon and lower too. Some caddis showing on the lower reaches. Try one of those on your nymph rig. Beyond that…sows, scuds, heavy PT’s jigs, weight flies up top. On the lower…Zebra’s, BWO nymphs, a caddis pupa.

Streamer Anglers

Stripping is pretty strong. Olive, black, brown, or flashy. Intermediate tips at best. Don’t have to be too deep. The water temps will allow you to strip quickly and get some action. As they cool, the speed will decrease. But not for some time, through the end of the month for sure based on daily higher than average air temps.

Swingers getting it done with soft hackles and smaller leech patters. You can tie on the larger fly as well. Find what works. Tomorrow John will publish the ’18-’19 spey line-up from the shop. Come back and read it!


Pretty good. Better in the late afternoons. BWO’s and the little olives coming off. Some days they don’t. About 1.5 days per week it seems vacant.

Cripples and duns seem to be the best. Per usual. Emergers, soft hackles tailing the dry fly will get you some action.

I’ve been liking, and one of our hot shots Lindsey, have been tossing the Adams, or a caddis top fly, with a Zebra dangling deep. That will get some fish in the am. Fish it all day long if you are so inclined.

Those fish are smart. Don’t rush in there with your fly dragging. Well, only if you want to catch a few out of each pod. Fish don’t like dragging flies even in the fall. Perfect drifts catch fish. If your fly line is beside the fly, not in-line, the fish will probably not get too excited. Trout are wild animals and recognize predator behaviors.


Izaak’s closed for the season. Food on the river includes the Trout Shop for dinner beginning at 5pm for the week ahead. They have been closed on Sundays. Other options include Shotgun Annie’s in Wolf Creek, the two bars in Cascade…and GF and Helena. both too far for a burger. I’d stay closer. Shotgun Annie’s has breakfast too. Stop in and get a bite before you head to the river. No need to go too early.

Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service

Fall shop hours 730-7. Daily. Open first and last. We have some killer sale items. But they are disappearing quickly! Hooray. We have a full array of winter clothing, gloves, hats, hand warmers, Buff’s, warm comfy socks, base layers…all you will need for winter fishing.

An amazing selection of Trout Spey Rods too. Lines, tips, leaders, and all the accessories. Your Montana Source for all things Spey!

Selling demo rods from the shop. Getting them into your hands for cheap! Come by and see what we have to offer.

Guide trips out daily. Lots. A good time to be on the Mo. The fall is a great time. Call us for any lodging needs, we have 36 cabins! You want to plan your fall trip, or your spring trip? We are always ready to chat about Missouri River Trout Fishing! 406-235-3447

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