Missouri River Rain Day

Missouri River Rain Days

Liquid Sunshine falling from the sky this morning. Rained most of the day yesterday too.

So what should you do? Put on your rain-gear and go outside. Just what any normal sound minded angler would do.

The NOAA Weather Service states: Rain. High near 54. North northwest wind around 14 mph, with gusts as high as 20 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New precipitation amounts between a half and three quarters of an inch possible.

Missouri River Rain Days
Missouri River Water Temps Falling

Trico’s today? Probably not. Probably not tomorrow either.

Hoppers? No, not really an option.

Streamers? Totally your gig today. Or give nymphing a shot.

The water temperatures have cooled with this dousing of cooler wetter weather. No worrying about getting too warm this August now. Not that we were, but it is out of the question after this weather event passes through. Temps currently holding at the 62F mark. The flows are stable at 4320cfs and all is well. Shoot not too many more degrees below the 62 mark and we may see some BWO’s? Psuedo’s for sure.

Shoot, maybe a good Psuedo hatch today! Keep your eyes open, protected from the rain and have at ‘er.

5 Tips to Keep you Dry and Warm during the Deluge

  1. Wear the best rain gear money can buy. We like the SIMMS Stuff for sure. The Slick, Acklins, G4, the Bass Jacket…or have your buddy wrap you in Saran Wrap. Use Duct Tape for the seams.
  2. Fish under the bridge all day. The fish don’t care, they are all wet anyhows!
  3. Bring lots of hot coffee, soup, and/or Chicken Broth.
  4. Whiskey!
  5. Renegade fish from the car. Wade fishing is good when you have the protection of the car, the heater, and the option to go to Joe’s, stand by the fire, and tell some lies.

Toss streamers all day long.is the last one. May will be doing this all day. Good results in the rain. We love the rain and the cooling of the river. Feels good.

As for the dry flies and the Trico’s. We’ll see how they fare during this rain day. They are not done by any stretch so keep it tuned here for an update after the clouds part. Looks good for the front end of this coming week.


That is all for this morning. Enjoy your weekend. Keep warm, and wear some killer rain gear. Shop is open daily @ 7am for all your Missouri River Montana Fly Fishing needs. Streamers, warm layers, raingear/waders from SIMMS and Orvis, rainpants, warm hats, and free hot coffee.



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