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Missouri River September Fly Fishing Facts

Early September and all is good here on Montana’s Missouri River. Water temps are good, the bite is good and getting better through one of our favorite months on the Mo. The days are shorter and the nights are cooler. Both make this an attractive month to get a guide, spend some time with your family, and of course buy that new Autumn streamer stick.

Missouri River September Fly Fishing Facts

Best weather of the summer. Save for this week we historically have highs int he 70’s and lows in the 40’s. Some days will creep higher and some mornings will fall below the freezing mark too. All in all a great month with very little precipitation and favorable daytime highs.

This September we have hopper fishing. Toss the bigger fly or go the other way and tie on the small fry of your choice.

October Caddis fishing is really quite good. Can you twitch it? Remember there is a difference between just dragging it and the proper twitch. If you do not know how, just dead drift it for resounding sucking takes.

Nymphing is pretty good int he morning. Then, some afternoons are not as good. But, this generally improves as we move through this month with the bite morphing into full day mayhem. \ The dam is of course white hot. Work out your arms and row around as long as you want. This great nymph month should only get better.

The colors are changing. While we do not get the famous broad brush strokes of the NE US we do get some pretty stunning yellows. Bring your camera for the colored up brown trout and the leaves.

Psuedo’s.Try your hand at the mostly impossible sipping trout on these damn small BWO’s. Good luck. Sometimes we toss bigger flies at these rising trout. We recommend spending less than 10 minutes on fish that won’t eat the fly. Trust me, I’m a guide.

The streamer fly is making a comeback. Fellers pausing and pawing through the streamer region at Headhunters this month already. Need some kick-ass patterns for the upcoming fall bugger season? Stop in. We got a bundle of them. Truly. October is coming.

Bring more clothes. It can get pretty shitty if the wind comes up. A sweater and a rain jacket are not a bad idea on any given day.

Time to get out a few more times before the fall slips by. It certainly can. Come up for the afternoon if you are local and sneak out for a weekend if you are further from our wonderful resource. If you don’t come this year you will be one year older when you do…



Missouri River September Fly Fishing Facts
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