Missouri River Spring Weekend Tips

Missouri River Spring Weekend Tips

Why not include the Missouri River Spring Weekend Tips in the fishing report? Yes, we do help you out here on the Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service Fishing Report from the information leaders here in downtown Craig Montana.

Warm weather greets us today dn tomorrow before we get back to a touch of snow Monday and then hi’s in the 60’s and reaching towards the 70F mark later this coming week.

Mike McCune Sustained Anchor Casting Clinic on the Mo this weekend hosted by Headhunters Fly Shop. That is finishing up today. Then a few of the participants are finishing up the weekend with our discounted Spring Special Guide Trips for a scant $350. One month to go on this historic pricing schedule offered to you thru April ’17.

The rest of us are out there fishing it up. And it is breaking open. Rainbows on the spawn, don’t tread on redd please, and the brown trout are responding by eating the big fly.

Headhunters Spring Weekend Tips

  • Start early or start late. Don’t be in the mix. If you want some sort of solace on thriver. Get out early and beat the rest of the gang, or hold on til noonish and fish the late shift.
  • PINK is still the word. Pink, scuds, sows, and BWO nymphs rule the day.
  • The streamer bite is good. Swingers are hooking up a bunch as well. Some in faster water than the nymph eaters. Lots of the shop staff and our guides out this past couple weeks having resounding successes. Faster insides and tossing at the banks have produced some nice fish.
  • Canyon is good, but the upper river making a comeback. The entire river is fishing, even down real low.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of only fishing the fastest good looking water. Water temps are still in the lower end of things. Recognize that fact and fish locations accordingly. Watch where folks are hooking up and emulate that kind of water type.
  • Dress warmly. Still a bit of winter int he air in the am’s and pm’s. Good sale rack at HH with some killer winter holdovers.
  • Headhunters open daily @ 8am and open late too til at least 6pm.

Enjoy the warmer weekend out there and hook a few trout!

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