Missouri River Streamer Fishing Update

Missouri River Streamer Fishing Update

Better yesterday than the previous several weeks. A few boats out fishing streamer exclusively yesterday fared pretty well. The wind was not too horrible and the clouds obscured the sun for a while.

We boated some nice trout, and of course missed a few as well. Sink tips included a RIO F/S6 Streamer Tip  and a few intermediate tips as well.

Flies? Brown Skiddish Smolt, Baby Sculpzilla, Flesh Eating Sculpin, Kreelex, this freaky Chartreuse  wiggly fly Ninch forced on me, Thin Mint, and a few others as well. That is what we tried.

Not on fire by any stretch. But enough action to keep you interested all day long.

We floated Dearborn to Pelican Point. Standard issue fall float.

Tips for getting a few?

  • Shadows. Fish the shadows.

You know what blood looks like in a black and white video?
Shadows, Shadows. That’s what it looks like.

John Prine, Lake Marie

  • Mix up your stripping patterns through out the day. If your shit don’t work, change it.
  • Adjust your depth too. Get deeper if the shallow depths are not producing. Tips, split shot, weighted flies. 3 ways to get there.

Saw a couple fish rising. A touch of success skittering a caddis. A bit blind fishing an Adams. A fish on a soft hackle dangling from an October Caddis too.

So a smattering of other techniques tried with an acceptable return. Streamer fishing not too bad. The best we have seen a week or two.You gotta fish them, commit, to see the honest result. 10 mins generally does not get you a window into the truth.

Have a great week. We are looking at the sun much too often. We are praying to the weather gods. No sun please. Bring out the clouds and cover that ball of fire. A few more bugs too. Or a lot more bugs.

Another music vid for you to enjoy. This John Prine tune Lake Marie. A good one. And the line…Shadows.



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