Missouri River Sunday Fishing Report

Missouri River Sunday Fishing Report

Missouri River Sunday Fishing Report

Missouri River Sunday Fishing Report brought to you once again by Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig Montana. Lots of anglers stop in stating that they read the blog and fishing report daily. We love to see the readers and anglers of the Mighty Mo.

Just met Dan from Ohio. Awesome. Cool dude. Fishing Montana for a good session. Longer than 3 days. I think more like a month, or more. That is the right kind of fishing trip. A long one.

Just think how well you will be casting with an extended period holding the cork.

Enjoy, Dan from Ohio. Have some good fishing out there. Dan stopped by for a shallot and horseradish burger at Headhunters impromptu Sunday BBQ. He and fishing friend Mike enjoyed the shade on the deck with a cold Coors Lite.

The latest from the brain trust at the epic-center of dry fly fishing in Craig Montana follows:

PMD’s are still in the mix. Watched, photographed one rising rainbow for 91 minutes yesterday and witnessed the fish eating Trico spinners in his lane. He did move from his lane to take every PMD spinner that came within sight. Just sayin’…the PMD is KING!

Trico spinner falls in the morning 845 am. Get in your spot early. Double Wings, Quigley’s Cluster Midge, Buzzball, Pearl Butt Trico Spinner. Or your favorite Trico Spent pattern.

Caddis. Yes specifically at night. Or the daytime. Good to great night fishing with Caddis. You can also toss the PMD. They like evening PMD action. Or PED’s. If you run into the PED Connundrum just keep moving. Looks like they are eating on top, but they are no. They are not eating any fly I have ever seen. Just sayin’. If you find me the magic, please stop by and show us the fly. Please.

Terrestrials. Maybe. Ants on the way. Have not seen a hopper yet on the bank.

Nymphers are all over the Bloom’s Weight Fly, French, Zebra’s, <Little Green Machine, UV Czech, Crawdad’s, Zirdle’s, Psycho May, S & M, Two Bit’s, Ninch’s Ball Gag, Split Back PMD, Tungsten Jig Pheasant Tail, Micro Mayfly, PMD Redemption, PMD Reckoner, Magic Fly, Red Headed Step Child, Purple Lightening Bug, Translucent Pupa BH, Mat’s Auto-Cad, Gould’s Drowned Spinner Trico, Black Tungsten Psyco May, Little Green Mo Black, Military May Black.

Missouri River Sunday Fishing ReportFlows are still at 6K. We would love to see it come down. But we are not holding our breath this year. Maybe sometime this summer. Wade fishing yes. More at lower levels. But if you find yourself here, get out there and wade.

Weather looking good for the week ahead. Cooler daytime temps mean fish rising longer. Stay out longer during the day. Some running in the morning and the evening. Most are running early til after noon sometime.



Caddis, DFO, PMD, Terrestrials, trico
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  • Brian Forbes
    July 22, 2018 9:32 pm

    Thanks for the great post from your daily readers.

  • allan roberts
    July 23, 2018 5:55 am

    I never miss one of your posts Mark……part of my morning routine…..great info …..and the pics…. wow!…..Thanks, Allan

  • Love the blog Mark! Keeps me going until I can get back out there. Would you say the hatches are on schedule this year even with the high water?

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