Missouri River Trout Spey Report

Missouri River Trout Spey Report

Missouri River Trout Spey Report

The weeds are gone. The sun is gone. The people are gone.

So, time to swing a few trout up.

Snow on the ground along with the vacant river allows us to head out there and walk through a few runs. And we have been. Both smaller streamers and soft hackles have been producing nice trout whether it be a rainbow fish or a brown fish. Pretty good action after the sun decided to leave us.

More inclement weather ahead for the week and weekend. Cooler air temps will keep many from the river as well as hunting season here in Montana and elsewhere.

Missouri River Trout Spey Report

Sunday will clearly be our coldest day this fall. I think it is still fall. Even with the snow I hope it is fall still. We have lots more fishing to do before it becomes arctic. Last season we were robbed of a transition period too. Actually warm until the third week of November and then arctic weather invaded us for a couple months.

Looking for up to another 10 inches of snow before this one passes us by. Or just a couple. Both are possible. More likely the latter.

Many are swinging with dry lines. Scandi lines swinging soft hackles. Partridge and Orange, Partridge and Black, Partridge and Peacock, Starling and Peacock, Soft Hackle PT’s, Harrop’s Black Soft Hackle, any of the sometimes overdressed Delekta patterns, Carey Specials, Doc Spratley’s, and any other softies you like. Some of the bigger patterns have been on fire. No need for the tiny stuff yet. That time will come.

For the Skagit fellers many are tossing the dry tip too. Fishing in the darker and overcast conditions the trout will lay yup in that skinniest of waters. Dry line all day long.

For the dudes that like to get a bit deeper the Skagit line with an intermediate tip or deeper yet with a Type 3. Lots of IMOW Light users getting along with the 7.5′ dry by 2.5′ intermediate with the T-8 end. Some are liking the IMOW Light in the 5’x5′ version. Whatever your choice we have it all here at Headhunters of Craig. Check out your local shop and if they ain’t got it, we certainly do. Call us up and we will drop them in the mail for you. We have an extensive selection of both RIO IMOW, RIO MOW, OPST Commando Tips Riffle, Run, and Bucket, Scientific Anglers SONAR Tips, and more. We really do have it all for the Trout Spey angler.

Got Trout Spey Questions? We have the answers. Call our Hotline 406-235-3447

Swing trips out all week long in this snowy weather. Happy anglers too. Come on out if you want a guide trip spey specific. We have the guides to make it happen!

Those who are tossing the heavier rigs out there are fishing the leech and larger flies too. 3 ands 4 weight rods are the norm these days with the occasional 2 weight softy rod. Dredgers are getting some nice fish.

Come by for killer Trout Spey fly patterns before heading to the river. We will give you the up to the minute report as well. Shuttles all year long here at Headhunters. Lodging too.

Flows will be going up a bit as the dam folks are fooling around with something or other. 3700 cfs is their guises. I like it even a bit higher. I lobby for 4K or 4.2K? Opens up a few more of those flats for both the dry fly angler and swinger alike.

Missouri River Trout Spey ReportWater temps are in the high 40’s dropping about 2 degrees a week. Strong swinging and fishing for the next month. Generally all the way til Christmas. We hope to get it that good again this year. Stave off the brutally cold weather along with overcast skies and air temps in the hi 30’s and 40’s will make me smile. The trout too. And you, too.

Shop open daily 8am til 6pm. It is quiet around these parts. Nice. A nice time of the year. Some duck hunters out there. Some anglers. Some stray dogs.

We have a ton of Trout Spey Demo rods. Another thing that sets Headhunters apart from the rest. We have lots of them from Sage, ECHO, Orvis, Gary Anderson Custom Rods… and more. ¬†Come by and check out some rods. Lots of demo lines as well, well over 100 trout spey demo lines for your testing pleasure. Come by test a line or 4, fill up your leader wallet with our vast selection of tips, and learn a few things too.

Headhunters Fly Shop in downtown Craig is your Montana Trout Spey Headquarters. The Missouri River is built for late fall and winter swinging. Come on over for a Trout Spey Weekend this year. Lodging, the shop, the feeling, the education, and the river. A perfect match in central Montana.


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