Missouri River Weekend Fishing Report

Missouri River Weekend Fishing Report

Missouri River Weekend Fishing Report

Looks like, fishes like, we are heading into that first big spring fishing transition. Many Headhunters out this week with both the staff and guided trips fishing a number of days. Consensus? Change is happening right now.

Like we talked about a few days ago with the advent of the BWO the game is changing. That is the big news. It is fishing. So be prepared to not only fish the pink flavor but branch out into the mayfly arena.

Water temps rising a tiny bit daily. We will be at that 40F bench mark soon. Currently in the hi 37F range. Flows scheduled to be at or near the 3800cfs level for some time.

Missouri River Weekend Fishing Report

Warmer for the weekend and week ahead. Open daily here in Craig Montana. I see the other shops looking like they may open in the next couple weeks. We are not preparing for spring. We are living it man. And fishing too.

We have had guides out this week as we have started our annual Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service Spring Special. Yep, $350 guide trips and discounted lodging here in Craig starting at $125/nt. A deal for sure. Joe’s Bar open til 2am. Izaak’s Opening March 24th. Hooray! We will let you know here on this very blog, as we are the information experts for all things Missouri River, about hours, days, etcetera.

More snow in the hills. Here is the latest chart from March 16th. Keep doing that snow dance in your office, or your garage. We need more yet. But the wet months are ahead of us. The Farmers Almanac predicts a wetter cooler spring and early summer. NOAA too. Keep the good MoJo going.

Pink is the word on the flies. BWO’s coming on fast. Worms too. Firebeads. Sow bugs for sure. We have a bunch of new techy spring patterns in the overflowing fly bins here at Headhunters. Ben has really stocked up this winter and spring to insure that we will not run out of your favorites this year. Sows, scuds, micro and slender mayflies galore.

Swingers and strippers are coming out of the woodwork. We have all you need for the streamer freak. Fruit Roll-Ups? Got ’em in several flavors. Leeches. Yep lots. All of those smaller must have swinging patterns are here in Craig. Also the gaudy articulated flies too. Something for everyone in the fly department.

We have the fly lines you are looking for too. You know one thing that we provide you the trout fishing customer that others do not; is the opportunity to demo fly lines. We believe in you and therefor provide a vast selection of free demo fly lines for both your single handed and two handed rods. And rod rentals for heading overseas or to some fantastic trout destination. Don’t want to buy a first rate high end fly rod but want to use one for a week? Call us up. We can help. Rods, reels, and lines for you fly fishing fantasy!

We expect a big weekend here fishing the Missouri River. Open daily at 8am and later til at least 6pm. We are open for the long haul here in Craig. Shuttles, free perked coffee, rental boats, the only demo trout spey rods and fly lines, private casting lessons by appt., a friendly full staff, and fun at a fly shop.


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