Missouri River Weekend Nymphing Report

Missouri River Weekend Nymphing Report

Missouri River Weekend Nymphing Report plus Midge Update

Just the facts for this short Missouri River Weekend Nymphing Report.

  1. Fish the soft inside stuff. Most of the fish are stacked in that type of water. Although a few in one tick faster. So, stopped, plus 1 tick. Or 1 point 2.
  2. If you don’t find them in a couple passes or 12 wade fish drifts, move.
  3. If you do, spend some time there.
  4. Pink. Sows. Scuds. Winter fare.
  5. Use split or not. Most are not.
  6. Downstream mend taking out all of that useless winter slack. Hair trigger is good. All that sloppy summer slack has no business executing the winter nymph game properly.
  7. Midge anglers of the dry fly sort will find some fish rising. Generic clusters should get it done. Unless you like the techy game. I say, save that for the summer months and PMD frustration. Griffith’s Gnats, CDC Clusters, Double Posted Clusters, Quig’s Cluster, Adams, Buzzballs. I used to use a Kaufmann’s Hatching Midge pattern with success on the Mo, Just found a couple sorting the midge boxes. Tied them 25 years ago. Only a small amount of rust near the eye of the hooks. Should give them a shot today.
  8. Dry-dropper will work. Dangle a dripper of the Zebra variety or some a black soft hackle, a small PT. Something damn small.
  9. Swingers are getting fish consistently. Leeches. Some say no need to toss anything but black, and others say anything but black. So, what camp are you in?
  10. Steep boat ramps no. Level boat ramps yeah. Shuttles by Headhunters yes. Open at 8 daily.

Will the weather cooperate for great weekend action? Check it out. Maybe see you here on the Mo. Lodging available.

Still room in the Women’s Spey Intro on the 24th. Sign up today for this female focused education event! Call the shop today. An all day clinic with the Missouri River’s best instructors!

March SPEY CASTING Madness
The women cling on the 24th has room!
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