Missouri River Midge Hatch

Missouri River Winter Midge Hatch

Missouri River Winter Midge Hatch

Early March has arrived and midge fishing is on our minds. On any given day you can certainly find a window of activity with fish falling for the skittering midge fly.

And skitter they do. The lower river all the way up to Mid-Canon has been the reported hot spots. Or the dam at dusk, Or anywhere near that witching hour. The late afternoon bite has the hit. Really towards nightfall is the ticket.

Finding calm waters is part of the equation as well. Find those slack back waters for midging fun. Watch and watch and watch some more and maybe it will happen.

Be prepared with the best midge patterns. And ones you can see. Unless you are some sort of Midge Zen Man.

Then just let it ride.

Some midge images from years past. We have yet to see the mega midge hatch in ’16. Keep in mind that most of these images were shot in late March, April, and even May.

In rare years we get a good start in February. Yes, we did see midges on the water in February. We are seeing some in March already. But the mania that we always like to see historically comes later.

The Midge Hero stories may have to wait a month longer.

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