Monday Afternoon Missouri River Fishing Report

Monday Afternoon Missouri River Fishing Report

Getting better every day. As the water temps rise so does the mood of the trout.

Both good and not so good reports from both the upper and the canyon, depending on the day. But a little better consistency the past weekend as we move back into a cold spell for the week.

Looking at cooler air temps and snow swirling around this week. Pretty cold and crappy as we write today’s update. As we get to the weekend ahead temps are much more agreeable to being outside. We are looking at the mid 60’s this weekend.

BWO’s are around. Here and there. But not everywhere. Not and great stories of wrecking them on the dry. Yet. They are coming soon! Better get yourself a fantastic dry fly line designed for this river, and other tailwater and dry fly fishers around the world. The Headhunter will change your dry fly game!

The canyon has been fishing well. Probably the most consistent. Also the most fish around in the 1, 2, and 3 year class. Really the first time this author can remember this many juvenile fish visible during the spring months. We commonly see a ton of them in the fall after they come out of the tributaries and settle into the Mo River family.

The upper has been good for larger fish. Sometimes harder to find though.

The streamer anglers have been enjoying some decent success out there. The overcast skies have allowed the fish to be more aggressive and the lower flows have made scratching the edges with a streamer pattern pretty damn fun. Center river structures can be searched with positive outcomes. Intermediate tipped fly lines are what we most commonly use.

The Trout Spey gang is out there swinging away. And having a great time. Including some really great fish this past month. The bigger browns have been fond of the swing fly. Leeches, Beth’s Britches, Kreelex, Pocket Rocket, Skiddish Smolt Brown…what ever you think is fantastic. Tie it on and go!

You may have to be more creative when finding the right 2HTrout water out there. The bank-side streamer anglers are experiencing the same thing with the water flows lower the ditches that are best for the swinger are out in the middle right now, Not on the river edges. Those troughs and trenches are many steps from the bank. So keep that in mind as you are searching for the right kind of water.

PINK is still thing for the nymph anglers. But more and more normal type insect patterns are taking over.

Come by and check out the Best Flies Under the Big Sky. certainly the best in dry flies. But you already know that from our Headhunters moniker. But you may not know we have well over 100 Euro Style Nymph patterns in stock. Lots and lots. Come see all of our Euro Fly Jewelry. Try some. You may like the way they sink?!

BWO’s are happening. They are certainly on the bite subsurface. The PMD nymphs have also been spotted. YEs, the fish prey on the flies you see this summer, right now. But before you get into the summer hatches, let’s focus on the current madness. Midges and BWO’s and are primary.But around the corner we will see the March Brown. Why not have a couple sz 12 PT’s in your box for this occurrence. Check out some Euro style heavy Jig Fly. Always good bite on the larger March Brown nymph for the next month in the canyon. A Hare’s Ear is good too. Try it for something new this spring. We have some size 12 hairy jigs that will suffice.

Looks like lower water for the foreseeable future. We will get in touch with the water managers later this month to follow up on the earlier conversation regarding summer flows. But we are not holding our breath for more water. Until the skies open up, or we see ark construction in a nearby field.

As always any news in the canyon you will hear here first. Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service is your information source here on the banks of Montana’s Missouri River.

Have a great week out there in HeadhuntersLand. We are keeping the down jackets nearby. At least into the first couple weeks of June.

Izaak’s Open Wednesday 4-9pm. Shotgun Annies daily; Monday and Tuesday 5-9pm. Wednesday thru Sunday 11:30-9pm. Trout Shop Cafe pretty dark. The lower canyon restaurant that claimed they were opening last year, is rumbling. Missouri River Inn will hopefully open as we would enjoy the lower canyon bar and eatery? Cascade Montana, 20 mules north of Craig, both bars open daily and serving bar fare til 9pm.

Headhunters Spring Special on right now through the end of the month. $450 Guide Trips. Call today!

Headhunters Closed early Wednesday April 14th 4pm. Team meeting…


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