Monday. Almost all, is well.

Monday. Almost all, is well.

Been a week since we last spoke. A great week for this author as rarely does a day go by without something on this page from the head of SOL. And a week without thinking about writing something, 6K+ posts under our belts, is truly refreshing.

But we missed you.

So let’s catch back up here on the Headhunters mostly, daily, blog.

No snow. 60F as we write. Blowing hard. Anglers, lots for January, on the water.

SNAFU. You know what that means? Don’t? Look it up. You’ll use this acronym in life, explaining life, and trying to understand trout behavior.

No snow around. Some on the back end of the forecast with threatening white stuff this coming weekend. Can the snow fall in great quantities in February and March and April? Sure. Will we catch up, looking as tough as it does staring at a shorter winter than the gazillion creatures beyond fisher(man) that require water for life? Boy, we hope so.

The proverbial snow dance is in order. Conduct at your own risk. Best done in privacy, to protect others from situational embarrassment.

Fishing? Good. Sort of.  Most nymphing. I mean all. Although a streamer should be tossed. Slow man, slow, so very slow. The water temps are in the tank. Up recently form 33F to a bone chilling 33.5F today. The 60F wind can really warm it up!

Swingers out there too. Pretty good for the conditions. Meaning you can touch a couple if your feet don’t get too cold. Go Skagit, go deep or… go home.

Or to the car to warm your feet. But it’s 60F today.


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