Monday April 10th Missouri River Stats

Monday April 10th Missouri River Stats

Bugs are coming. Saw a pretty good BWO hatch yesterday on the lwer river. They will show more this week. It is near!

Water Flows are in the 5K range. We should see this kind of flow for the remainder of the month according to the DNRC. I think we will see a rise today, according to the DNRC fax-o-gram.

WaterTemperatures are climbing this week. With the colder temps yesterday and the snow we may see come movement. Or not.

Streamers are getting it done. Some days better than others. Threw them most of the day yesterday and had good success in the first hour, last hour. Not terrific in-between? Strange. Calm all day long. Calm I say. It was pretty great to be out fishing yesterday with the snow on the hills, falling from the sky…all damn beautiful!

The top 5 Streamers have been the Skiddish Smolt, The Fruit Roll-Up, Kreelex, Dali Llama, small leeches and buggers, and I hear theta the larger articulated junk is turning some heads! I like the Flesh Eating Sculpin.

Monday April 10th Missouri River StatsNimps? Pink, Baetis, Scuds, Sows, Worms, midges, and some caddis. All of the bugs are in the mix when you dip your head beneath the water line. Check out Braden’s post here last week about this very idea. Proof. I know you think we are just guessing mostly but we do some sort of science stuff here at Headhunters Fly Shop. It is what separates us from the rest of the noise out there.

Split shot if needed. Bobbers yes. Try the tin shot to save the environment. Why not. How about a nymph specific leader with a quick taper and fewer knots. It sinks faster man. Believe it.

Dry flies? Per above, yesterday the first showing in good numbers. Midges are sort of around. Localized hatches. You can get it down with either here shortly. Maybe this week? Again maybe. But the nymph/insect survey to your righter shows the bugs in the water column.

Rental boats and Project Healing Waters boats available daily here at Headhunters. Lodging too.

Monday April 10th Missouri River StatsBoats up and down the river. Still canyon crazy out there. Fewer towards the dam. Wade anglers are enjoying the near 5K flows. A bit more dry fly water out there. We love the 5K-6K flow. All around better man.

Guide trips out daily now as we roll through April. We have fantastic lodging on the river. The largest selection of trout living here on the river. Call us for more info or visit for the comprehensive site of Missouri River nightly lodging.

Shop Hours are widening too. Headhunters open daily 730am til 8pm. You need that thing that you forgot at home? Stop in. Check out the sale rack. We have Trout Spey demo’s and lines with a  selection not matched in Montana, SIMMS rental waders, rental rods from SAGE, Loomis, Orvis, Epic and more. Free coffee every morning early. WiFi and cell coverage not eh porch.

Headhunters is your entertainment, information, education, and customer service leader on Montana’s Missouri River. 


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