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Monday Fishing Report Montana’s Missouri River

Monday Fishing Report Montana’s Missouri River

Flows 3000cfs. We like it higher. May be at this level for the winter months, into the spring.

Water Temps 51.5F. We’d like to see it stay in the current state above 50’s range for a while. Trout love 53F-57F.

Angler level 1-10. About a 2 midweek. About a 7, weekends. The wind will keep them off. The wind will keep me off, on my off days. Working? Gotta go, row for the dough, net for the show.

Nymphers: Sows. Smaller BWO patterns. No weight. Skinny waters. The fish will move into deeper home sites as the fall turns to winter as the rain turns to snow. Until then take advantage of the short leash. Soon, too soon, we will add the split back not he line. Although the shallow waters for the winter ahead will keep us relatively short. But the deep buckets will come in play at some point. Just, not yet.

A mediocre dry fly game overall. Totally localized. Passed a couple good groups of trout rising the other day falling for the age old mistake of heading to a better spot! A crucial mistake! Man, I thought I was out of that world. But, nope. Fell for it again! Bad SOL! Bad.

If you stop and fish as opposed to passing them up, fish a cripple. You could fish several other patterns first, but why not try the best first? Swing a soft hackle in there as well. Single or double handed.

Swingers are swinging. Soft hackles in runs. The grey skies will do wonders for that sorta bite. Target them in the thinnest of arenas. Unweighted leeches will bring a few to hand as well. Scandi is king for the near future. Reserve the Skagit game for shorter days ahead.

Strippers be stripping. Light lines and flashy flies. What a nice time to be out there fishing the Missouri River. The week ahead looks quite attractive sans wind. The wind icon is displayed piminantly in the weather forecast. Not good. High winds make it difficult for most.

Izaaks open through the 12th of November Wednesday thru Sunday!

Lodging available right here in downtown Craig @ Craig Trout Camp.. Come for a mid fall visit.

Open daily 8am til about 5pm. As always call ahead if you have any special needs.



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