Monday is for Smoking

Monday is for Smoking

Monday is for Smoking

We have written nearly 5000 blog entries in the last 11 years. We are 13 short of that number. After this post, we are 1 closer. That is a quite a few.

The reason I mention this is because some yahoo may yell at me for not writing about fishing today. Well, go climb a tree sir.

I was speaking with a new guide on the Mo this fall at Stickney Creek boat ramp. He introduced himself and we began the normal guide to guide small talk. He thanked us for writing daily blog about the Mo along with other topics. He mentioned that we were the only Missouri River players that published daily while the rest may only get one, or fewer posts, out per month. I mentioned that it may be the most updated fly shop blog in the world.

He laughed and stand “Well it can’t be that hard to sit down for a few minutes every morning and scratch something out. Right?” I remarked “Well, it must be pretty f***ing hard, if Headhunters is the only ones doing it.”

True. It is difficult to publish daily. We do miss occasionally. I feel like we will miss once a week this winter. If you need more reading, just look back at the previous couple thousand blogs. There must be a few morsels of interest in there, somewhere.

So here we are post peak season on a Monday morning with air temps cooler than we like, snow on the ground, and yet the Missouri River is still flowing. So, when we aren’t sleeping, drinking, eating more than we should, we are fishing. Swinging is the mode in the late fall early winter. And it isn’t too bad. I’m headed out in a couple hours myself.

With the smoker going…

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  • I really miss all of it…..the posts, the smoked cheese, the smoked salmon, the snacks, the fishing, the swinging, the snow, the MO, the flow, the HH crew, the lifestyle.

  • Kudo’s for taking the time to write the blogs and keep us informed, educated, entertained, and off the edge of the abyss when we are stuck at a desk especially during these gloomy western MT winters! And now forewarned that I will be getting jittery and spastic missing a blog a week. The pain, the agony….
    Now do me a favor and move that smoker 3 feet from your house! My paranoia has no bounds….

  • Jess McGlothlin
    December 3, 2018 10:49 am

    There’s nothing to writing, right? It just magically happens… (just like photography, apparently, too…).

    HUGE cheers to nearly 5k posts, Mark. That’s a monumental feat, and there’s a reason I’m still checking the HH blog daily. Hope to make it up to see everyone soon.

    • Thanks Jess. Yeah we are getting close. John may write it this coming weeK? Funny, photography, easy. Yep. All of the hard work stuff is easy. All you gotta do is get up every day and do it. You know anything about that Jess?

  • I’m with Mark T, that is waaaaay to close to the house!
    Congrats on the 5000 posts! Truly a labor of love. From how to’s, what to’s, watch to’s, listen to’s, and toast to’s. Keep it all up. Your staff and crew are top notch. Be safe this winter.

  • Or Mark could post the video for “Burning Down The House” or maybe not.

  • Mark could post the video for “Burning Down The House” or maybe not.

  • Keep bloggin, Mark. You guys are the blog elite, dude. And take the occasional break, as I’ve never known a guide who completely recovered from carpal tunnel repair… As to your reference to “some yahoo”. I’ve been called an infinite number of things in my lifetime ( most unprintable on social media) but never the dreaded “yahoo”- the ultimate egocrusher! I was once called a “chawbacon”, which might be a yahoo with a cholesterol problem,; who knows… Could I suggest an aquatic critterology post or two? Always great in the winter. Thanks, buddy

  • Ben Jamin Sundyman
    December 4, 2018 8:53 am

    Perhaps my favorite nugget of knowledge gleamed from from the blog over the years is an adage you use routinely, Mark – You gotta go to know. Because no amount of internetting and second hand knowledge from a top notch river report is substitute for time spent on the water. That being said, the blog is a great escape from my office desk and always gets me fired up. Great work and appreciate all that you guys do!

  • Mark, and HH gang always appreciate your blog/reports and your right its NOT easy or everyone would do it. Pretty sure I have read almost all 5000. Most twice depending how slow the car business is that day…………..I really appreciate it!!!! Discipline is a tough deal managing 100+ people the folks who have it generally make it the ones that don’t….don’t.

  • I really enjoy the blog – read it weekly even logging notes to apply on other waters. Educated anglers spend money – what a concept! A trade concept that hasn’t sunk in with many shops here. Thanks for the great posts!

  • Those 5,000 blog postings contain some of the best fishing advice I’ve ever read–for the Missouri and any number of other rivers in Montana and elsewhere. Seems like you could glean the best nuggets and make them into a book that would sell very well in Craig and online.

  • Mark, your blog visions make us better. Understandably in fishing. Into the bargain, HH’s blog brings us other pursuits like smoking cheese, which may be a contradiction in terms. You encourage as though we too are members of the guild even though most are not. Thank you for your insights while remaining gracious. Looking forward to the next 4,988 posts.

  • […] to Mark in particular at Headhunters for approaching the 5000th blog post last week; read about it here. We’re still fans of the work the HH gang does on the Missouri, and keeping things at a very […]

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