Monday July 13th Headhunters Fishing Report

Monday July 13th Headhunters Fishing Report

Facts for the day…meaning yesterday. Fishing reports are always, a day late! Today is a new day, and live it man!

Flows dropping daily. Inflows at 4K-ish/Toston. Flows here under 6. Wade fishers paradise. Water temps 60-ish.

Trico’s? Today yes. Tomorrow yes. Just starting though. Decent spinner fall today, more tomorrow. Buy clusters, Quig’s Cluster, Buzzballs, single winged Trico Spinners. The spinner fall is the big event for this hatch. Will continue into September, well into September.

PMD’s. Yes. Spinner falls are the key here too. Emergent? OK. But the spinner and crippled are king. Will continue through the month, and maybe beyond.

Caddis. Lots skittering on the water. Emergers are good. Translucent Pupa and Emerger are great. Flambe, X-Caddis, CDC and Elk, Tape Wing, Hi Vis Tape Wing, Stocking Wing, King’s River, Mo River Special. Smaller sizes too. 14-18 will be the right sizes.

Traffic is kinda light during the week. Busy Saturdays for sure. Stay away if you like fewer folks. Try Sunday if you are a weekender. Half of the traffic or less on the latter weekend day.

Dry fly anglers are out there. Wade anglers too. Respect others water. IF you are in a bot, go around and find other water. Crowding others makes you look like, actually means you are, a selfish asshole. Big river out there.

Reach mend, cast, slacks line presentations will work. Other lame straight line attempts will not get eaten. Sorry bro’. Learn a slack line presentation style and implement today.

The Headhunter Line is cool. Buy it today online or at the store. A line made for dry fly fishing the Mo. Get one and smile.

Nymphing is strong. PMD nymphs, Caddis nymphs, and now Trico nymphs. Shallow or deep. Your choice. Stop by the shop for any dry fly info or how to rig the nymph rod etcetera.

Shop open daily at 630am. Shuttles, rods, the Best Flies Under the Big Sky, sunwear, sunscreen, HH Logo Sungear, hats, masks, and so much more.

Use the TakeAway Window on our west side for hands free and social distancing protocols. Get your shuttle, your license, your top 5 flies all through the window. Quick, easy, sanitary.

Headhunters is your information source of all things Mo River and Craig Montana. I guess this is your daily internet fix on the Mo as the others must be…?

A great time on the Mo. We love it. Dry fly mania. See you soon. Call for any questions or confusion about travel, bookings, guide trips, and more at 406-235-3447. Direct bookings call Julie at 406-868-5473

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