Monday Missouri River Fishing Report

Monday Late October Fishing Report

Monday Late October Fishing Report

Headhunters is hosting the RIO Line Co for the 17th year. A fun ten day run as always but this year the fishing has been better than the last 8-10 years. More consistent, daily hatches, fish eating the streamer too.

And this is my perspective as well as a few around me. Pretty good fishing out there right now.

Not terrific in the am, but the fall session never is. Even the nymphers recognize that the time to shine is after lunch.

Streamer Anglers

But a good streamer bite a number of the last several days has kept us chucking and ducking. Nothing wrong with a few to hand attacking the streamer during the retrieve. Some days more than a few.

Flashy olive and brown and silver have been the colors that we have been tossing with success. Of course it will change as the month progresses into the next. Or not. Kreelex, Skiddish, Shock and Awe, Precious Metal, Sparkle Minnow, Dirty Hippie and more.

RIO StreamerTips in the 10′ length has been strong. These lines put the fly in the correct zone hovering over the weed mats and gravel substrate that you love to fish.

Single handers love the Single Handed Spey Line F/H/I; with a lite fly attached.

Don’t be afraid to dangle a few in deeper water either as we have found success jigging them up in deeper soft water slots.

Back eddies have produced fish in the morning sessions tossing across seam lines and retrieving towards the boat.


Deep in the am if you wish. Sows, scuds, BWO’s. Big on top, small on bottom. Deep at 4′-5′ with split shot. Shallow in the afternoon, or morning too. Big scud or sow up top with a sow on the bottom too. Or a mayfly in the afternoon. Toss into seam lines and enjoy.

The Dry Fly Guys

BWO’s. Mostly the 18’s. Not many of the baby BWO’s hatching this last week. Primarily the 18’s. And in good numbers from 2-430pm. Be in place and capitalize.

All of the normal players are in effect with Adams, Purple Haze, Purple Craze, CDC Crips, Hairwing Crips, Poly Wing Crips, CDC Emergers, Hairwing Duns, Bunny Duns. 16, 18, and 20 are the sizes to focus on.

A black posted cripple or dun can be your viz fly when we get the slate gray skies and a tough glare not eh water. Always have several of them ready to go when this occurs. Headhunters has all of the technical dry flies you need for the Missouri River. Stop in and see Ninch or Sara or Derek or Richard or Mike for any kick ass fly suggestions. We got ’em at HH of Craig.

Trout Spey

Not as much talk with the dry fly being so strong. But, swing a BWO soft hackle, a Partridge and Orange, a Pheasant Tail Softie, a Carey Special, a Sparrow, a leech…

We may not be swinging today as the wind and snow may keep us tossing the streamer more with hopes of sneaking in a dry fly cast or too in some good island lee’s from the awful north wind!

Weekly Weather

Pretty cold. Snowing hard today with heavy north winds. Temps for the next couple days frigid. Morning lows below 10F. Highs reaching out of the 30’s later in the week towards the weekend. Winds from the west most of the week.

Angling Traffic

Gone. Enjoy your reach with out pressure.

Headhunters Fly Shop

Open. Guide Trips available. Lodging available. All of the cool Trout Spey stuff along with the best in dry fly fanatics located in Craig Montana.

Stop in while in Craig. Enjoy your week.

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  • Burrrrr . . . Tell us more of this RIO Enclave? 17 Days, and “we” only got 3?
    Careful not to freeze those”private-parts hairs,” . . . I hear-say it can be very painful if they break off ! Meanwhile, I’ll be curling up with good fly fishing stories or murder mystery novels for the foreseeable future while my “Winter Coat” grows thick and long(er). Hoping by “The Freeze” I’ll be ale to comb the G-Tee back to cover & warm each Ear (parted down the middle; picture that!).
    Then by Spring thaw I can trim it & have long fibers for Streamer Ties later.
    Careful of ALL Ice and treat those lethargic Trout Gems gently with a quick release so’s I can catch’em next year.

  • Thanks for the update on conditions on the MO. New to me to fish up there and was wondering about wadeability this time of year. I like the thought of the solitude and the weather I can deal with for sure. Are the browns in spawn modes yet and can I expect to encounter bows also?? Thanks

    • Hey Tom, Call the shop for a full update 406-235-3447. But until then wading very easy at 4500cfs. Rainbows eating as well as the on spawn browns. No people. Lots of fish. BWO’s hatching daily.

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