Monday Mo River Fishing Report

Monday Mo River Fishing Report

All good here in central Montana. Lower water than average, first time in a number of years, a generation. And here we go with the early June Headhunters Fly Shop Missouri River Fishing Report.


Missouri River below Holter Dam: 3370 cfs. Temps 56F. Higher than average water temps. Lower than average water flows.

Dearborn River: 469 cfs. Falling fast. Right now falling better than 100cfs per day. Get on it if you want to fish. Now is the time. Don’t know how much longer. Clean water? Not really. But fishable we believe. Not clouding the river proper much as it dumps in.

Little Prickly Pear: 163 cfs. Dropping slowly. No damage to the Mo as it enters. LPP USGS

Summer Flows: Probably, most likely lower than average. Looks like low 3K’s for the remaining summer months. Probably low like this through at least the next 11 months. Yessir. That is the prognosis. Will touch base with the water managers this week for a clear vision of the future. Will of course publish here on your Missouri River Information Source.


PMD’s: Sort of. Better on the lower reaches. Moving uphill. Found some rising the last couple days. About ten targets daily. Increasing of course daily. Will it be a mega hatch year? Who knows. We’ll tell you after the fact?!?! More coming! Get your PMD’s at the dry fly shop Headhunters of Craig.

The nymph PMD bite is strong. Deep or shallow. A couple of these on your line at the right time is a thing for sure. Or, a Caddis and PMD in conjunction with each other.

Caddis: Nights good. Some days good. Tan and brown. Ginger? Down wing for sure.

Caddis nymphs? Yep. Flashy for now. Transitioning in a month to less flash.


Reaches: Any are good. Dam is not all that busy as the entire river has opened up due to the color change, for the better, of the feeder creeks. Anglers fishing top to bottom. No worries of off-color water. You may peek down river on those rare non-wind driver days for the PMD. Had some of my best days years past tossing a PMD dry down low.

Weather: Warm. Some wind. T-Storms occasionally. Normal.

Rental Boats: Yep. Call the Mo River Hotline 406-235-3447

35+ Missouri River Lodging Options: Call for more info, or look at our lodging link on this site, or check out

Summer Hours

Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service summer hours: Daily 630am-8pm. When the dry fly bite dictates we open at 6am, we will! In a week or two.

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