Monday Morning Missouri Macro

Braden and I set up the Macro Tank the other day to see what exactly is squirming around in the Missouri River. Lot’s of PMD nymphs, and relatively few Yellow Sallies like last week. I do see many stages of PMD nymphs as well. Looks to me like a more olive nymph patterns than the more mature amber nymphs with dark wing cases we gathered last week. Also, lots of scuds and the Damsel nymphs are showing up.

If you want to know exactly what we have here, you’ll have to talk to Braden face to face. Stop by the shop. He’s hesitant to identify things quickly. He does his homework, and does it right.

Do you need to know what they’re called, or just what they look like?

We’re still getting our photo set-up dialed in. Expect the images to get better soon.

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  • Bigfoot Stole My Wife
    July 7, 2014 11:49 am

    No Fish No Bugs. This is great. I highly recommend everyone fish above Craig. Also, as a tip, don’t go until about 9:30. As the they say, more people, more fish. The more boats that drift over the fish, the more active they are! Finally, even if fish are rising stick with the indicator and nymphs and fish the opposite side of the river from feeding pods of fish. Thanks!

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