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Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report 10.10.22

Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report 10.10.22

Water Flows at 3500cfs. Not terrible. Will do for now. Want more, but that is a wish.

Water Temps at 59F. Good. Will fall this week some.

Dry Fly Report: Afternoons mostly. A few opportunities out there early. Not too high on the percentage scale. Not very catchable early. Very tough. Spooky. Afternoons baby BWO’s. Size 22 and smaller. But they will eat an 18 or 20 BWO cripple. We like the poly winged guys right now CDC if you wish. Small duns too. Emergers yes. Soft hackles you bet.

Nymphers: Sows and scuds and Zebra’s and baby BWO patterns. Worms too. 3-5 feet from bobber to bottom fly. Skinny if you like. Deeper if you like to as well. No need for split, if you rig it appropriately with weight in the fly.

The Entire River is fishing well. You choose.

Swingers like leeches, some smaller sized flash flies, BWO soft hackles, October Caddis Softies, Sparrows, Carey Specials, black leeches like the Fruit Rolll Up or marabou patterns, buggers and variations thereof.

Strippers on on the flash. Killer selection of streamer lines in stock right now. Level up today with the help of Headhunters. Get a streamer guide trip and learn a new river reach. Improve your distance cast. Educate yourself on stripping styles. The to raise the bar on your streamer game. This is the year.

Headhunters has guides available in October. Lodging too. A very good fishing October this year. We expect it to continue.

Weather for the next week includes highs in the 60’s and lows in the 40’s. Some precipitation on Tuesday and at the end of the week as well. GTH wind has  been light this past week. Really nice.

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